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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson IX - Knowledge

Lesson IX - Knowledge
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

What is applicable to an individual is applicable to groups. It is like leaven; it leavens the whole. In groups, we will find differences of opinion, of thought, of interpretation, of development. We do not have true knowledge if we let such differences cause us to judge one another. The way of the Lord is hard only for those who become so fixed in ideas that they are not willing to be led by the Spirit of the Christ.

Knowledge must be applied in the affairs of nations. Have the World Wars made the world safe for democracy? Why not? Doubtless those who were trained in worldly knowledge felt confident that arms, power, and force were the things needed to bring about a Utopian condition. We, the nations, have to learn that the principles of peace and equal rights for all must come first in the hearts of individuals. They must begin with us. We cannot legislate goodness into the hearts of others while we live a life of selfishness.

It has been given that we shall love the Lord our God with all our heart, our soul, our mind, and our neighbor as ourselves. This is the basis of all spiritual law. Safety is founded in the knowledge of the spirit of truth, and the right application of that knowledge is just as effective in bringing its blessings to nations, as the misuse of it is in bringing about confusions among them.

Knowledge of universal laws brings clearer concepts of the purpose of creation. Without knowledge of that purpose we would have no reason for existence. We know that the misuse of knowledge will wreck individuals as well as groups or nations. If we persist in the misuse, then that which seems to be worthwhile will fade, and spiritual decay will follow. Consider the person who worships money, the mob that takes law into its own hands, the nation that wars upon its neighbor; all in time reap that which they have sown.

Correct Evaluation of Knowledge

What experiences do we hold most sacred in our lives? Are they not such as the smile of someone we love, the thoughtful act of a friend, a kindness in time of trouble, a word of praise when things seem to be going wrong? Such knowledge brings spiritual growth. Worldly pleasures and physical gratifications bring excitement for the moment, but they do not last.

A kind word under trying circumstances not only creates for us an attunement with the "I Am" but makes others aware of the presence of the Lord. Our responsibility in applying the correct evaluation of knowledge cannot be overlooked. We should study to show self more practical in the application of that which we hold to be true. But if there are question marks here or there as to our sincerity and our consideration of others, trouble and discord will arise, bringing distressing experiences in our activities.

We are continually meeting ourselves. Would we have disappointments if we had not disappointed someone? Would we be despitefully used if we had not within us some grudge or unkind thought of someone? The law is, that which we sow we shall reap. Though the heavens fall, the law will never change, for like begets like. Knowledge assures us of success; that is, if our purpose is in the Lord and not in our self. Knowledge used aright bears the fruit of the spirit.

No soul, no mind, can comprehend anything beyond its own understanding. Understanding is made perfect in virtue, and virtue is of God, Do we have it? If so, we see the Christ in others, and are filled with love, kindness and peace. To us is given the means to secure that which we need, not in doing someone else's job or attempting to do God's job, but in doing our own. This brings success that fills us with the fullness of a perfect life.

Knowledge of His Presence

We have been told to "Be still and know that I am God!" Do we ever try to pray and know that we are only uttering words? What is the trouble? Have we stepped aside, out of the strait and narrow way, and left God out of our life until we feel alone? God never breaks down doors to get in. He stands at the door and knocks. He is not past finding out, and with Him we can do all things; for His presence brings power and assurance into our lives. Then let the love of the Christ surround us, and let us glory in knowledge that we walk with Him, and that He sustains and strengthens us day by day.

Let us take no thought for tomorrow; for in His presence we shall find strength for each trial, each disturbance. He has promised that He has given His angels charge concerning us.

We must stand fast in Him, knowing, believing, acting that which we profess.

As ye have received, as ye are moved, as ye apply that ye receive, give to those that seek. Be patient, be kind. Speak not unkindly of anyone. Let not gossip nor unkind things, either in thought or deed, be in thine experience. And ye will find the true Knowledge of the Christ in the Father being close to thee. 262-98