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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson VIII - Glory

Lesson VIII - Glory
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Glory of the Body

May we never lose sight of that which is the whole purpose of the body. The body is the dwelling place of the soul, which through the mind expresses itself in materiality.

The actions of our body are one with Creative Energy ... so long as we perform acts of helpfulness, of love, of patience, and of kindness; but when we seek the gratification of selfish desires and the exaltation of self, we become one with forces that bring doubts and fears. As we in any experience express the fruits of the spirit of a living God, we grow, unfold, and manifest the purpose for which we were created.

What is evil? It is good misapplied, good used to satisfy the desires of self. So is sin, so is illness. They are caused by not being at-one with God, who helps us, while in the body, to become a force for good and a perfect channel for the manifestation of righteousness among all. The glory of the body, then, is selflessness.

Glory of the Soul

Our soul is a portion of the Divine. It is a moving influence in our activities throughout our experiences in all spheres of consciousness. Our soul is a universe within self. Will is an attribute of the soul, and with it we choose to develop either to a oneness with Universal Consciousness or in opposition to it.

The three phases of our human experience-body, mind, soul-are expressed in the earth, and their freedom comes in a threefold manner through knowledge, interpretation, and application. All of these work together and depend each upon the other. In service, without thought of personal gain, comes that which makes for the greater growth of our soul. Tie that is greatest among you shall be your servant." Our physical, mental and spiritual bodies-each in its own phase of expression-must find, from experience, that which will keep them in accord with the purposes for which they entered into physical being.

Why are we pulled by the material, mental, and spiritual urges, while always something deep within keeps us trying to go forward? What is it that makes us KNOW that we must fight through obstacles and that will not let us give up? Are we fools that we keep working at something without any apparent material recompense, simply because we are urged from within? Why don't we give up, stop trying, and just let things and conditions run their course? Would not the final material results be the same? These questions often war within us. There is deep within us always the answer. The material results might be the same in the end; but what about the effect on our soul?

Do we want to be guided by His Spirit, to be a portion of that Word which shall not pass away? If so, then indeed we are right to respond to the urge from within to "carry on," even though everything seems to contradict the practicality of doing so. He has given that we should not mind those things that will destroy the body, but those that will destroy the spirit and the soul. Even though all material things may be swept way, if we still have that urge from within, we are in touch with a glory which may not be found in any material substance or relationship.


In our dealings with our fellow human beings, let the law of the LORD, as we know it in our hearts, be the rule of our lives; and we will find that the growth of the mind-spiritual, the mind-mental, the mind-physical, will bring the glory of the Lord in our lives. God has promised to meet us within our holy temple, our body, as we purpose to give ourselves in service to our fellow humans; for in so doing we manifest the Glory of God in a material world. Let the Glory of the Father, of the Son, suffice us-not what we think, or what we say; for people look on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart. (See I Sam. 16:7.) In seeking to magnify Thy name, Thy glory, through that which Thou dost make manifest in me, О Lord, be Thou the guide, and-day by day, as the opportunity is given-let my hands, my mind, my body, do what Thou wouldst have me do as Thine own in the earth; and as I manifest through Thy love, the promises that Thou hast made in the Son, may Thy glory become known to others.