Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson VII - Destiny of the Soul

Lesson VII - Destiny of the Soul
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Let us keep an attitude of sincerity, of oneness of purpose; for if we are sincere with self, and most of all, sincere with our fellow humans, we will not fear to be called into the presence of our God. Thou, О Lord, art holy in Thy dealings with Thy children. О God, we are Yours in body, mind, and soul! Purge us, that we may be one with You, and through that power that You have given us, may we make known to others the beauty and the love that You have showered upon Your children, should be our prayer.

Do we have one standard for self, and another for our friends, for our relations, for those about us? All are one in Him. If we would have peace, mercy and grace shown us, we must show them to others, for in so doing we become aware of the indwelling of His presence.

If we use our knowledge to gain the advantage over others, or to lord over them, what must be the destiny of our soul? The Master gave, "For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ ... he shall not lose his reward." It is not, then, in mighty deeds of valor, or in those things that bring fame or fortune, it is not in the things of high estate, that the greatest soul development comes, but rather the growth comes as line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little, through kindness, love, patience, scattered along the way. Such growth in spirit brings true knowledge and true understanding of the purposes of a soul's indwelling in the earth; and this understanding helps us to realize that unless that which we do is for the good of others, it must eventually fail; unless our activities among others are to aid the greater number, rather than classes, they are of little benefit to ourselves or others. For, true indeed, they that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to them it is evil. They that know not and do evil, to them the Father may give countenance; but they that know evil and do it, to them it is damnation.

Our soul must meet itself and give an account of its activity in the earth. What we do in the physical we meet in the physical, what we do in the mental we meet in the mental, what we do in the spirit we meet in spirit. "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." When we know to do good and do it, we make our life worthwhile. After all, it is just being gentle, though others are harsh, just being true, though others are false, just being patient, though others about us are impatient. If we are on the Lord's side, who can be against us? (See 696-3.) We find ourselves in that which we have built; so, to do good, let us use that which we have in hand; the environments and experiences that make for changes that are necessary in our life will present themselves. If the preparation is made, the time and place to use our knowledge will come about. It is the law; it is His love. (See 991-1.)


Let our choice for development mean more and more seeking to be in at-onement with God, the Creative Activity within our experience. For each expression of our soul in any phase of its experience may, through works, through thoughts, and through activity, become a channel of expression of the Creative Force in the material world. This is the natural growth, the purpose for which we entered into every experience, that there may be the greater expression of God through us.

Finally, the destiny of our soul is in Him who gave the soul, that we (our soul) might know, might be one with that Creative Force we call God. The manner in which we use opportunities makes for either consternation, turmoil, strife or just the opposite. How has God meted judgments to us? Not other than in the manner in which we have shown mercy. What will we do with this man, our elder brother, our Christ, that our destiny might be sure in Him? He has shown us the more excellent way: not in mighty deeds of valor, not in the exaltation of knowledge or power, but in the gentleness of spirit-love, kindness, peace, long-suffering, patience. These, as Jesus has shown, must be applied in our associations with our fellow human beings day by day. There is nothing in heaven, in earth, or in hell, that can separate us from the love of God, save ourselves. (See 849-11.)

Then the exaltation of ourselves, of our abilities, of our powers, of our indulgences, must be lost in gentleness and in patience; for it is only in patience that we become aware of our soul. When our individuality is lost in Him, our personality shines as that which is motivated by the individuality of our Lord and Master. Thus does the individuality and the Destiny of the soul lie in the keeping of Him who has given Himself in the world that we may know everlasting life. He has given that if we abide in the Father, "I will bring to your remembrance those things from the foundations of the earth, from the foundations of the world, that ye may be where lam; and thy glory in my glory, in thy God, shall make of thee that oneness that passeth understanding of men who see only a mental-material consciousness." (849-11)

"There will come a day in which all who dare 
May see the Lord.
And those who put on the robes of righteousness
May rest in peace.
And those who have come up through great tribulations 
Will fear no more;
For the King of Glory, on the brow of the blessed 
Will place a diadem
And great joy will fill the heaven and the earth, 
For death will be no more."