Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson VII - Destiny of the Soul

Lesson VII - Destiny of the Soul
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

As we give our selves, our love, our patience, and our kindness, however hard it may be, to help others, we learn His Way and may depend upon His help to sustain us. If we let the beauty of His life guide us, then those things that beset as a temptation, those things that make us afraid, may be cast upon Him, who has promised to bear our burdens with us.

It is well that we understand that our soul takes on physical bodies as means through which practical applications can be made of tenets that make for the development of our soul. Such opportunities arise in our dealings with our fellow humans. Our entrance into the earth plane at any time is for the purpose that another lesson may be gained, another opportunity for soul expression may be had. Our knowledge of a law is not sufficient within itself, but when knowledge is made active and practical, it then becomes a moving force in our lives. Let us seek to make our bodies channels through which Creative Energy may become an active force, whereby we may gradually become aware of our own identity in the Creator.

We may become aware of our soul through commonplace, everyday observance of spiritual laws within our understanding, by putting into daily application the laws of love and service to others. We must measure up to that which we hold as the ideal in our relationships with our fellow human beings, for we can estimate our concept of God by examining our attitude toward others.

Jesus meant what He said when He told us to seek first the Kingdom of God-then all things might be added, but they are added only when we are in harmony with those around us. Then it is in patience with self, in patience with our friend, in patience with our foe, that we become aware of our souls. These are the manners, these be the ways, in which we may know that there is an access to the Father through the Son.

No soul has been left without access to the throne of mercy and grace. The promise has been given, "If ye love me, keep my commandments. And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter." Though there may be periods of trial and temptation, when our purposes seem fraught with disappointments, if our faith has been placed in Him we may find that which will help us grow in understanding and knowledge of His love; for whether in the body or out we are His manifestation.

The soul's association with mind and body is the greatest of earth's experiences, but to spiritualize all three and make them one in Christ is the work of a Master. That is our privilege.

The Activities of the Soul in the Material

It is not knowledge, nor is it understanding, but the application of the opportunities that present themselves, that builds the destinies that arise in the experience of our soul. A law is not set and our soul set adrift upon the sea of time or space. There is something that we must do, and there is always the presence of the Father to sustain us. He has promised, moreover, to meet us in the Holy of Holies, and He is not slack concerning His promises.

Let us study, then, to show ourselves approved unto those promptings that come from meeting the Divine within, and be able to say we know in whom we have believed, and know that He is able to keep that which we have committed unto Him in every experience that may arise. The spirit that prompts our activities in a material world arises within the soul and is expressed in our dealings with our fellow human beings; therefore, we cannot hate our neighbor and love our God; we cannot worship our God and hold malice against our neighbor, for these are of One Force, and the law of One is perfect.

If we sow in spirit, our mind builds that which we reap in spiritual values; if we sow in materiality, our mind builds that which is of the earth-earthy. Let us put our ideal in spiritual things and know that as we mete unto our neighbors, so will it be meted unto us. In our relationships to our fellow human beings, let us act in such a way that we may always look ourselves in the face and not be ashamed to have accorded to us whatever we have accorded to our neighbor; for we must meet ourselves.