Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson VI - Destiny of the Body

Lesson VI - Destiny of the Body
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

What Is Meant by the Resurrection of the Body?

The body that we have taken from matter has assumed various forms, sizes, and colors. Hence, with what body shall we be raised?

The same body ye had from the beginning! or the same body that has been thine throughout the ages! else how could it be individual? The physical, the duet, dissolves; yes. But when it is condensed again, what is it? The same body. It does not beget a different body! 262-86

We have one wavelength that is ours. We have one light beam, and on it we must come in, must go back to the Father, or else lose our identity. Then we must seek to purge the body until it is raised a glorified body to be one with the Whole, and yet be our own. In other words: to know ourselves to be ourselves, yet one with God. He is not the God of the dead, but of the living.

Our Lord resurrected and quickened His body. He is our pattern. So we, as He, must overcome death, overcome that transition, overcome that which is the conscious change of being in all matters, all phases, all experiences, that we may be one with Him, as He is one with the Whole.

How Should We Regard the Experiences of the Physical Body?

What we are today is a result of the way and manner in which we have used the opportunities given to us by God, the Father. When we do not take into account our relation to the First Cause, God, we know those things that pertain to the gratification of material desires, that so often turn and rend us. The seed of every plant is within itself; the seed of every living influence is within itself. So in our acts in relation to our fellow human beings and to the world as a whole, the results that will be in our experiences are according to that which we have sown, or the manner in which we have dealt with our fellow human beings.

It is through activity that we may become more and more aware of how we use our opportunities. If we practice error, then error becomes more and more prominent in our dealing with others. If our activity is selfless, then we become like Him who gave Himself for the world. In whatever way we prepare ourself then the time and place to use that prepared will come.

Let the light of His countenance guide us. He, our Lord, is willing, if we use our body, our mind, our abilities, as channels of expression for Him. As known or experienced by those in the material plane, or in any plane of consciousness, those abilities that are manifested are the outgrowth of the application of opportunities by an individual entity in this or that experience. Then it may be seen that in aiding others there comes greater aid to us; for it becomes a part of ourselves and a portion of our own experience.

The purpose for which our soul chose to come into this earth plane was to awaken the Divine within, which is done through manifesting the fruits of the spirit toward our fellow humans. Then we should do with our might what our hands find to do, leaving the results in the hands of Him who gives the increase. Let us look upon every experience as a necessary element in our own development, knowing that He who clothes the fowls of the air and the lilies of the field will be mindful of those who love His ways.

All in matter, all in form, first began in the urge of mental or spiritual influence, and that which prompted them came into manifestation under the influence of divine guidance. That which is error, that which is shame, that which is of disrupting forces, become negligible unless given power by thought, and by activity of the mind. Not that denying alone makes for nonexistence, but rather that those things presenting themselves as errors, as a disrupting influence, may be used as stepping-stones for the creation of those environs in which we may change trial, temptation and hardships, into helpful experiences: for through the things which He suffered and overcame He became the King of kings, the Lord of lords. So with us it may be found that by using our experiences rightly there may be brought into our consciousness harmony, which is another name for peace, for good, for joy. For while flesh and blood that is of the earth may not gain or know glory, the body, the real body-not the superficial, but the real body-may become aware of itself in the Presence of the body of God, among its brethren, and a portion of the Whole.