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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson VI - Destiny of the Body

Lesson VI - Destiny of the Body
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

What Is Meant by Presenting Our Bodies a Living Sacrifice?

We should present ourselves as channels of blessings for others. To be a blessing may demand that we present ourselves as a living sacrifice, as a living example to others; yet we should understand that sacrifice does not necessarily mean a giving up, rather it is the glorifying of the body for a definite purpose, for an ideal, for a love.

Thus may we in presenting our bodies, through the application of that which we know, show a way in which others may see the initiation necessary for awakening a purposefulness in their experience. It will turn hate into love, strife into peace. Our thoughts, too, have their activity in the experience of all and create the environ, the atmosphere, from which others often draw that which will be the motivating influence in their experiences.

We have each been given stewardship over a portion of life (God). May we be living examples of the things that Christ, the Master, taught and lived. When He calls upon us to render service to others, shall we answer, "Here am I," even though it appears to others that we are laid on the altar of sacrifice? To those who love His ways it is only a reasonable service.

How Shall We Use This Holy Temple, Which Is Our Body?

"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he." Then we should take heed how we think; for thoughts are things and may become either crimes or miracles in our lives. It is with right thinking and right acting that we keep the holy temple pure. He stands at the door and knocks. It is necessary to keep our temple clean, so that nothing can enter that will in any way defile or defame the abiding place of the Most High.

Keep the temple silent. Let not the noise or confusion of the world make us afraid, or in any way interfere with our worship. It is possible to be in the world and yet not of the world. Let love alone enter and find an abiding place, that we may become as He, who first loved us.

The pattern has been shown by HIM who entered into the earth that we might have an example. If we would be like HI, then we must conduct our life so that a glorified body to be known as our very own may be raised. To accomplish this, our mind and our body must be purged so that we may know the glory of HIM who took His own body and so glorified it that it became a pattern for all.

Let the spirit of the Christ guide us from within, and the way will be shown to us. No greater awareness can be had than that which comes when He, who is the Maker, the Author, the Finisher of Life, comes and abides with us.

May we never think that the opportunity has passed; for God's mercy is without limit. We make the choice when we realize that TODAY is the acceptable day of the Lord! It is never too late for us to begin, for life in physical experiences is a continuous effort for making the way in a material world, whereby we may justify ourselves before the throne of grace. Inasmuch as ye do it through love, through kindness, unto the least of these, my little ones, ye do it unto Me, is the manner in which it is accomplished.

All things are possible with God. Do not expect results in a day; for we do not sow one day and reap the next, but we reap what we have sown in the periods when that which is sown comes to fruitage. Indiscretions and sentiments that are based wholly upon material satisfactions, must bring to us tares and weeds in the experience of our body. Those things sown in mercy, truth, and justice will bring their rewards in the same realm, in the same coin that has been sown; for God is not mocked.

If we do our best, we need not worry about results. We can leave the results with our Maker. Let us do right, not merely to be seen of others, but that the glory of the Father may be reflected through our kindness, patience, and brotherly love. These activities beget health, harmony and understanding.

Let us be sure our brother, our servant, yea, our neighbor think as well of us as we think of ourselves! If they do not, it is because sin lies at our door. This does not mean that we should condemn ourselves; for we know that we are God's handiwork, and should act accordingly.

We should know in our heart that what is done in secret must be proclaimed from the mountaintop in our own experience. Even though justice or retribution be delayed a thousand years, we must meet that which we have sown. How will we ever meet it? In the strength of ourselves? Rather may we harken to the promise, "So shall ye be my people, and I will be your God."

What shall we do with tins holy temple, this body? Purify it, glorify it, that it may be of priceless value when returned to its Maker.