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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson VI - Destiny of the Body

Lesson VI - Destiny of the Body
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


Lord, use me in whatever way or manner that my body may be as a living example of Thy love to the brethren of our Lord. 262-84

[Based on Edgar Cayce readings 262-73 through 262-90]

In the physical we have the body, the mind and the soul. Each of these represents a phase of experience or consciousness. Our physical body is that which is manifested in the earth in materiality, that which has taken form. The destiny of the body depends upon us. It is held by some that the body, being of the earth-earthy, is born into the earth, dies and to the earth returns. Yet the pattern has been shown by Him who entered into the earth that we through Him might have life and have it more abundantly, that we, day by day, hour by hour, again and again, may realize the revivifying and the rejuvenating of our bodies, until, as He, we come into the consciousness of the perfect human. This may take many experiences in the earth. How gracious is our God in mercy and patience that He shows toward us! Jesus used the words "abundant life," abundant experiences, to show the extent of God's goodness to His children that they might come to an understanding of their oneness with Him.

The destiny of mind is both material and spiritual. Since mind is the builder, there is a very close relationship between the destiny of the mind and the destiny of the physical body. It is through the mind that the destiny of the body is gradually builded. With God rests the destiny of the soul, with us the destiny of the physical body, through the gradual building process of our mind working in and through our physical consciousness. It should be the aim and purpose of our conscious mental activity, therefore, to bring our thinking, which directs the control of our physical body, into accord with the higher purposes of the spiritual mind.

We have each been given stewardship over a portion of life. May we so live that we may say, as the Master, "Of that thou gavest me, О Father, I have lost nothing."

What Is the Physical Body?

Our physical body is an atomic structure, subject to the laws of our environment, our heredity and our soul development. Each atom, each corpuscle, has the whole pattern of the universe within its structure. Our body is made up of elements of various natures that keep it in motion and sustain its equilibrium. It is the channel, the house, the piece of clay, that is the dwelling place of the sold.

The mental body, the soul body, and the physical body are shadows of the Triune, The body-physical is as human, the body-mental is as the savior of humanity; for it is through the application of the mental influences that we control and build that which finds expression both in the physical and in the soul. The soul-body is as of the Creator, for it, the sold, was made in the image of its Creator, to be His companion in spirit. That the physical is the home of the soul during its sojourn in the material world is evinced to all who think about it; what we do with the opportunities that are presented to us in our varied experiences one with another is for each of us to determine.

Are We Aware of the Destiny of the Physical Body?

Our body is the temple of the living God, of the living soul. Is it to see corruption? Is it to be lost entirely, or is it to be glorified, spiritualized? As our body is a structure in which we manifest as a portion of the whole, so our body is in the keeping of its Keeper, even within us. What will we do with it? God gave us free wills. God Himself does not know what we will destine to do with ourselves, else would He have repented that He made us? God has not ordained that any soul should perish. What of the body? Have we ordained, have we so lived, have we made our temple so untenable, that we do not care to have it glorified?

We attempt to adorn our body for our fellow humans. Do we care less for our God? Do we purge the body, as He has given, that it may be made holy for a dwelling place for our sold? What it becomes depends upon that which we do with our opportunities. If we would be like Him, then we must so live, so conduct ourselves, that our body may be one with Him, and be raised a glorified body to be known as our own!

That we may be called by a different name in each experience may be confusing to many; yet when we say Creative Force, God, Jehovah, Yah, Abba, do we not mean one and the same thing? Always we carry throughout various experiences of our consciousness the desire (if we seek aright) to be one with Him, to know ourselves to be ourselves and yet one with the great I Am. The destiny of our body, then, lies with us, and what we do with it in one experience or many experiences is of our choosing.