Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson V - Destiny of the Mind

Lesson V - Destiny of the Mind
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


We are fellow travelers on the road to God. There are many routes and many ways of transportation from which we may choose. We may be directed along the way by teachers, but no one can show us the whole way except Him who is the Way, and in whose keeping is our destiny.

So, know ye the way; point it out. For, as He has given, though ye come to the altar or to thine church or to thine group or to thine neighbor pleading not for self but for others, and it is that ye may be exalted, that ye may be honored, that ye may be spoken well of, for others; He cannot hear thy petition. Why? Because there has another entered with thee into thy chamber, thy closet, and He, thy God-that answers prayer, that forgives through His Son-is shut out. In His name, then, only; for, as He gave, "They that climb up some other way are thieves and robbers" [they that robbed themselves of attaining perfection through the Way]. [See John 10:1.]

Then, today, will ye not rededicate thyself, thy body, thy soul, to the service of thy God? And He that came has promised, "When ye ask in my name, that will be given thee in the earth." Then, do not become impatient that ye are counted in this day as a servant, as an humble worker, as one that is troubled as to food, shelter, or those things that would make thy temporal surroundings the better. For ye grow weary in waiting, but the Lord will not tarry; eternity is long, and in that ye may spend it in those things that are joy and peace and harmony, make thy self sure in Him. How? "As ye do it unto these, my brethren, ye do it unto me." [See Matt. 25:40.] Just being kind! Thy destiny is in Him. Are ye taking Him with thee in love into thy associations with thy fellow man, or art thou seeking thy own glorification, exaltation, or thine own fame, or that ye may even be well-spoken of. When ye do, ye shut Him away.

Enter thou into thy chamber not made with hands but eternal; for there He has promised to meet thee. There alone may ye meet Him and be guided to those things that will make this life, now, happiness, joy, and understanding.

As ye have received, love ye one another even as He has loved you, who gave up heaven and all its power, all its glory, that thy mind can conceive, and came into the earth in flesh that ye through Him might have the access to the Father, God. In Him there is no variableness or shadow made by turning. Then, neither must thy thoughts or thy acts cause a frown or a shadow upon thy brother-even as He. For He gave, "Be ye perfect, even as thy heavenly Father is perfect." Ye say, This cannot be done in this house of clay!" Did He? Ye say, This is too hard for me!" Did He grumble, did He falter? To be sure, He cried, "Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass." Yea, oft will ye cry aloud, even as He. Ye cannot bear the burden alone, but He has promised, and He is faithful, "if ye put thy yoke upon me, I will guide you..." Take Him, then, in thy joys, in thy sorrows, in all of thyself; for He alone hath the words of life. 262-77