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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson V - Destiny of the Mind

Lesson V - Destiny of the Mind
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Mind in Relation to the Soul Body

What we think, what we put our mind to work upon, to live upon, to feed upon, to live with, to abide with, that our soul body becomes. That is the law, as in the beginning each thought of the Creator bore within itself its own fruit. What propagates the species in the seed of the oak, the grass, animal, or the human being? It is the active force that moves within its own realm of activity, giving expression of that first thought of Creative Forces. That is the destiny which the Easterners say was set in the beginning. But this is only half a truth; for if the mind dwells upon spiritual things, it follows that it becomes spiritual; if the mind dwells upon self-indulgence, self-aggrandizement, self-exaltation, or selfishness in any of its forms or variations, then it has set itself at variance with the First Cause. Even before we came into matter-the will, through the mind, was at variance with Creative Forces.

This law, "Hear, О Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord," enabled us to comprehend the true nature of the Father: One, from everlasting to everlasting. When we become constructive in our thinking we create in our experience the knowledge of this oneness. There has been that battle of duality between flesh and spirit from those periods when we first projected ourselves into flesh. While flesh, as all matter, dies in the physical plane, the soul does not; for it is life itself, a gift of God to us, and only in patience may we possess it.

Signs Along the Way

In the earth plane there are certain signs which we may interpret according to individual understanding. They indicate the development reached in the soul's journey through many spheres of experience and point the way to the path chosen by the soul for this present life's expression. It is regarded by many that some of these signs are found in the study of astrology, numerology, phrenology, and palmistry. We should exercise great caution in allowing any of these to become the ruling influence in our interpretation of destiny; for they are all subject to the will and indicate only development and possibilities.

Dreams, astrology, numerology, the vibrations from metal, stones, and so on, should be considered only as lights or signs in our experiences. They are as candles that we stumble not in the dark. Worship not the light of the candle; but rather that to which it may guide us in our service. The vibrations of numbers, metals, and stones are merely influences to help us to be in attunement with the Creative Forces. The pitch of a song of praise is not the song nor the message therein, but a helpmeet for those who would find strength in the service of the Lord. So let us use them only to attune ourselves. How? As we apply that which we know, we are given the next step. These do not give the messages! They only attune us so that the Christ Consciousness may give the messages. It is the application that makes for the development in relation to conditions or experiences. The birth on a certain date does not destine this or that. The destiny is only that certain urges may arise, but what we do about them makes for the changes. Each country, state, and town makes its own vibrations by or through the activities of those who live there. Much confusion arises as many of us may try to interpret signs in accordance with the changes in vibrations which have been brought about purely by our will.

In seekingfor light let us not confuse the signs with that which is sought, nor confuse the impulses that may arise from inner urges, or from the emotions of the body that take hold upon the spiritual forces, with that which has prompted them. All power, all force, is in Him, and is subject to His will. In Him is the light that we should seek, that we, in body, mind, soul, and purpose, may be one with Him. He is the Way! (See 818-1.)

Do dreams of physical conditions come to pass? Are such conditions set at the time dreamed? Why should we dream of any given conditions? These may be answered for us if we recall that the law of cause and effect is immutable through choice in our experiences. Hence, as our thoughts, purposes, aims and desires are set in motion by mind, their effects are as a condition that IS.

In dreams we attune our minds to those storehouses of experience that we have set in motion. At times there may be the perfect connection, while at others there may be static or interference by our inability to coordinate our own thought with the experience or fact set in motion. The result of a perfect attunement is evidenced in our lives, for some see visions, some are interpreters of the unseen; some are dreamers of dreams, some prophesy, some are healers, some are teachers; yet all is from the same spirit. This may have little reference to destiny, but it has much to do with mind, the soul mind.