Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson III - God, the Father, and His Manifestations in the Earth

Lesson III - God, the Father, and His Manifestations in the Earth
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

We Are Manifestations of God

Let each of us, in our meditations, in our study, in our observations of the concepts in this lesson, make applications of whatever spiritual law we become conscious of through our individual experiences. For, as He taught, we may call Lord, Lord, even may heal the sick, may cast out demons in His name, and yet not be accepted in His eight. The lives of those who make profession of their associations with Him must bring forth manifestations of those things that are of the spirit, of the fruits of the spirit. "Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven."

What are the manifestations of the Father in the earth? To do good to all people, to manifest the fruits of the Spirit in our thoughts and in our acts, as we meet our fellow humans in their own conditions where troubles, doubts, fears and distresses assail them. As we manifest the fruits of the Christ, of the Christ Consciousness, in our words, our acts, in our dwelling with others, we will, as the Christ, manifest in the earth good to all, whether they are of His fold or those who reject that which He lived and taught. In this manner the Son manifested the Father in the earth: sо in Him we have an example.

As we apply those truths that we know, we will come to those experiences where we may be lamps to the feet of the wayward, an aid to those who seek, a light to those who have gone astray, a guiding hand to those who would know more and more of the love of the Father as it manifests in the acts, the thoughts, the lives of His followers.

What is our light? What is our guide? Have we tried just being kind in order to see how this law operates in the experience of our neighbor?

A smile raised hope; that hope made possible activity; that activity made a haven for some discouraged, disheartened soul.

Let us smile though the heavens fall; though we may become as naught in a world of selfishness, we may rejoice in the light of Him who has given Himself for our redemption.

Let Him, the Christ, be the guide. Let Him build for thee the mansion, rather than with thine own puny hands where moth and rust doth corrupt and where those that unconsciously in their stumbling manners oft make the road rough for thee. Forgive them, if ye would be forgiven. Hold not a grudge, for that which is thine may not be taken from thee lest thou alone cast it aside by envy, strife, unkind thoughts, unkind acts, and thus destroy that thou lovest most-life! 262-60

How long has been the cry, "Hasten, О Lord, the day of Thy kingdom in the earth," of those who have manifested the glory of the Father through the Son. What are the promises that the Son has given? "I go to prepare a place for you... that where I am [in consciousness], there ye may be also." "I will come again, and receive you unto myself." As we attune our mind and our body-activity into that consciousness, our desires hasten the day. While the merciful kindness of the Father has, in the eyes of many, delayed the coming, and many, as were the children of Israel, are ready to say, "Make us gods, which shall go before us." In patience, in listening, in being still, may ye know that the Lord does all things well. Be not weary that He apparently prolongs His time, for, as the Master has given, as to the day, no one knows, not even the Son, but the Father and they to whom the Father may reveal it. The Son prepared the way that all people may know the love of the Father in the earth. Into our keeping, to us His children He has committed the keeping of, the saving of the world. Then know that as our minds, as our hearts desire more and more for the glorifying of the Son in the earth, for the coming of the day of the Lord, He draws very nigh unto us.

Keep thine heart and thine mind singing in the glory of the manifestations, of the beauty and of the glory of the Father in the earth, as thou hast seen manifest among men...

Keep in the way that thou knowest to do, for He requires not other than that ye be true to that thou knowest in thine heart to do. For He calleth those by name that have named the name of the Christ and that keep His ways, and through such may the love of the Father, through the Son be manifest in the earth. 262-58

Lead me, О Father, just for today, that I may be used as a channel of blessing, that I may today manifest Thy love through my association with those I contact for as I show forth Thy love in the earth to my fellow man, the promise comes to me that Thou wilt guide, guard, protect and comfort me in the ways that I go. 262-60

Keep ye all in the Way. Be happy. Be joyous. And may love and mercy and peace, that cometh from the Father to those who use themselves in His service, be with thee. Amen. 281-19