Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson III - God, the Father, and His Manifestations in the Earth

Lesson III - God, the Father, and His Manifestations in the Earth
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

God, the Father

Do we know God as a loving Father? If we have not had the experience, why are we afraid? Are we too lazy? Are we willing to accept and use the abundance that is set before us, to enjoy the pleasures and bounties of a divinely created world, without a thought of a great Force behind and in all things? This failure to recognize that which is the essence of life, leads us to self-indulgence and self-gratification, whereby we increase the misery of our fellow human beings and bring turmoil and suffering upon ourselves.

To know our relationship with the Father we have to pass often through trials and sufferings. That is not God's way of finding us, but our way of coming into realization that we are on the wrong road. All of our trials have been of our own making. The longer we fail to acknowledge this fact, and fail to do anything about it, the longer we are in coming into our full relationship with the Father. Let us remember that only self stands in our way.

Jesus, the Christ, is the greatest example of the Father's love. Through the teachings presented by the Son, God has shown an understanding of each heart, a willingness to bring peace to each soul that will turn toward Him.

The Manifestations of the Father in the Earth

The children of the Father seek to manifest His spirit in the earth. It is the law. Like begets like.

We are each a corpuscle in the body of God, performing our individual function.

We and God do not measure greatness in the same manner. The truly great are those who have the spirit of love, never those who march to power through the blood of their fellow humans. One seeks for self glory, the other is selfless in glory. As we study the lives of those who, under great difficulties, have expressed the fruits of the spirit, and observe how the world has been made better through their efforts, it should give us courage to do faithfully that which we find to do.

The Master has told us He has gone to the Father; that is, become one in consciousness with the Father; and that whatever we ask in His name, the Father will give to us, that He, the Savior, the Christ, may be glorified in the earth. If we are His we should know that the answers to our prayers are to His Glory, and for our good.

It is often necessary that we be tried as by fire. The fires of the body, the fires of desire, the fires of the flesh, the fires of the carnal forces, must be burned up.

When conditions and circumstances bring experiences to us that try our souls, and we search in anguish for a reason for it all, we may realize a deep and abiding joy and peace in calling to mind the admonition, "Be still, and know that I am God."

When there are those activities in a material world that bring about the forces or influences wherein there may be the action of a soul in its development, it may be often counted to some as sin or error, while in reality it may be only mercy to that soul from an all-wise and beneficent Father, who is directing, planning, giving the soul an opportunity for the use of that which may come into the soul's experience in the material plane. What the soul, through its body and mind and their attributes, does about the knowledge, the consciousness of the indwelling of the spirit of life through the Christ in the earth, is the opportunity for that soul to develop. Therefore, when we condemn, it is a selfish manifestation, and is an attempt, as was the first sin, to blame on another that which we ourselves have done, else we would not recognize it.