Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson III - God, the Father, and His Manifestations in the Earth

Lesson III - God, the Father, and His Manifestations in the Earth
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


May the desire of my heart be such that I may become more and more aware of the spirit of the Father, through the Christ, manifesting in me. 262-57

 [Based on Edgar Cayce readings 262-57 through 262-60]

The purpose of this lesson is that there may be known to each of us how, when and in what manner we may be conscious of the spirit manifesting through us in material things. (See 262-60.)

This achievement in a great measure will depend upon the application of the teachings found in our previous lessons. Each lesson is a step in a search for God until we come into full realization of His Presence abiding with us.

The Great Question

What is our concept of God? Is God in our life only a fact, an all-wise, all-inclusive, all-manifesting force, or is He a loving and forgiving Father?

No one deep within oneself doubts that God is a fact. All realize that life itself is a mystery beyond the explanation of the wisest, and that there must be a source from which it springs. People have called this source by many names but all have been moved by the intricacy and perfection of the universe. In the minds of many there is no need to seek another state of consciousness, for the Force supplies bountifully the wants of all who labor. It manifests in all things, and at all times; certainly, they say-God is a fact.

Then, how may we come to know God as our Father? God is a Father only to those who seek Him. Те shall be my people, and I will be your God." So, as we, who apply that which we know of the Father's will, go about thinking-and thinking in such a manner that the words of the mouth and the activity of the hands bespeak the will of the Father-then, this activity, this thought, makes us the channel through which the manifestations come.

For, who may know in the earth the heart of the mother save a mother? Who may know the will of the Father, God, save those that put into the acts of their hands, in the thoughts of their minds, those things that He has given and as He shows forth in the experience of all men from day to day?

So simple, then, is it to know the Father that all stumble in that they think of themselves more highly than they ought to think. 262-58

Instead of seeking to be channels through which the Father may make His love and His glory manifest in the earth, we often, in our selfishness, seek our own ends.

Be rather as a channel through which the Father may make His love, His glory, manifest in the earth. Listen to the voice from within. For, He is very nigh unto each of you, if ye will but look within. And that thou experienceth with the desire that thy self be nothing, that the Father, the Christ, may be glorified in the earth, brings to the experience of all the consciousness of being a manifestation of the love of the Father to the sons of men...

What are the manifestations of the Father? The fruits of the spirit. Gentleness, kindness, the loving word, patience, hope, persistence, and-above all-consistency in thy acts and in thy speech. Be ye glorious in thine activity. Be ye joyous in thy words. For, happy is the man [who] knoweth that his life bespeaks that the Son and the Spirit of Truth directs the words and the activities of his body! 262-58

A question which naturally arises is, "How can we interpret some of the words and acts of others as manifestations of God, when they hurt us so much?" Condemn not in words, in thoughts or activity, that you be not condemned. Be angry and sin not. Be patient, seven times seven forgive; yes, seventy times seven. (See 262-59.)

We should see in every experience of activity of another our attempt to express, to manifest, our concept of divine reality. Each one of us as we give expression in thought, or in act, shows what is the impelling influence in our experience. We must not be a judge or a faultfinder; but, rather, be merciful to those who err; for they know not what they do.