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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson II - Day and Night

Lesson II - Day and Night
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Day unto Day Uttereth Speech

Today is the day of opportunity. Each span of life is just another extended opportunity for light to break forth within us. We are enjoined to use that which we have in hand, and are then promised that our needs for further development will be supplied. A God of love waits for the awakening of each soul.

A majority of us devote the activities of a day to supplying ourselves and others with the material things of earth. Bread, shelter, clothing must be. provided in proportion to the life pattern which we have builded. These things and the luxuries which seem necessary for the body's welfare cannot be made the ideals motivating our daily activities. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." What things? That which we need for peace and contentment. That which we need for spiritual growth. These will be added as we fill our days with activities motivated by Truth, Life and Light.

Would we have light? Then turn within. Let us find the answer to the problem that is keeping us in the dark. Let us judge no one, not even self, but study to know how we are using the knowledge, the understanding, and the opportunities that have been given us.

For, each individual must so live each day that he may look into the face of that he has spoken, that he has lived, and say: "By this I stand to be judged before myself, before my God." 257-123

It is well that we take stock of ourselves to see if we are advancing or retarding our own growth. Are all our plans in keeping with that He would guide us to do, or in keeping with our own desires? Do we love material things of the world more than the praise of God? Then know that in the way we go is the means for a better understanding or a serious retardment. Remember, the mental is the builder, the spiritual is the guide or the life, the conditions built in material things are the results. While there may come the pleasures of those things of the world for the season, the step by step should be for each of us, "I show, in my relations to my fellow man, in my conversation, and in my deed, that which I consider to be the relationship to my Maker." (See 257-123.)

Let us face the question. Do material possessions prevent spiritual growth? The answer must be determined by each individual for himself or herself. An examination of attitudes about material things, a critical study of personal ideals relating to possessions, will provide the solution. Greed and selfishness over a loaf of bread can be as damaging as pride and avarice over great wealth. There must come to every soul the experience of both great poverty and great wealth. In eternity there is plenty of what we call time for both.

When we pass out of the body from the activities in material things, what carries on? Is it not that which we have built within ourselves through constructive or destructive forces? Then, if our activity is as boundless as eternity, let our steps be in the way of Light, that these may bring, not only to us, but to those who follow after, those things that make for better understanding of what life is. Let us study to show ourselves approved unto our Maker, and not be confused, nor consider that the spiritual or mental life is different from the material, but know that one is the reflection of the other. If we live in the Light, the shadows fall behind. If our face is tinned from the Light, there can be nothing in life, in mental and material things, except shadows.

"Day unto day uttereth speech" becomes real to us in proportion to the light we are able to shed on others in our walks and associations among our fellow humans, and in proportion to our true understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven within; for we can teach others only when we ourselves know.