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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book II - Lesson I - Opportunity

Lesson I - Opportunity
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Opportunities Found in Fellowship

What opportunity does fellowship with the Father offer? Surely we have experienced the relief that comes when we go to Him with our sorrows. It is there that our problems are solved, there that we find the peace that passes understanding.

The acknowledgment of our physical weaknesses becomes an opportunity for exercising our greater strength-the Divine within. As we take advantage of an opportunity in one direction, the Divine within helps us to recognize others. We know that we have fellowship with the Father if we love others and seek to serve them. Everywhere there are such opportunities, so we should be on our guard, to be sure that we use wisdom and discretion, to be sure that we recognize the opportunities that will take us onward toward the supreme opportunity, which is to be one with Him in desire and purpose. What is the Way? As He has given to those to whom He spoke, to whom He will speak, "... lovest thou me more than these?... feed my lambs... lovest thou me? ... feed my sheep."

[Symbolically] the sheep represent those that know of, and know, the Way. The lambs represent those that seek, that would know, that would find the Way, that would come if shown the tenderness expressed in The good shepherd feedeth the sheep; he tendeth the lambs." 262-51

We must both feed the sheep and tend the lambs.

Opportunities Are Recognized Through Virtue and Understanding

With virtue comes understanding and with understanding comes all the power and privilege of Divine Light. Armed with the weapons of spiritual warfare, we are able to enlarge our fields of helpfulness. We can, as with a two-edged sword, divide the right from the wrong, the true from the false, and be able to attempt greater things in His Name.

Life in the earth is a manifestation of God. It is no wonder, then, that we love to think of it as everlasting. Yet, when we misuse our opportunities, we misapply the knowledge we have of life and reap the results. If we do good, good must return to us, for "like begets like," not as a reward, but as a result of law. The result is spiritual understanding, which is a growth in spiritual development.

The direction in which we turn the activities of our life depends upon how we think, for "As he thinketh in his heart, so is he." All power, all force, all life is from one source; if we misuse any portion of it, either by thought or action, we do not destroy it for it is of God, but we darken our own way; we dim the light that might be a help to others.

Many are wise in their own conceit; and often, as the Master said, "the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light," since they use what light they have, even though they use it selfishly.

On such a basis the Athenians built an altar to the Unknown God. Paid declared that they ignorantly worshiped this Unknown God. For such a message he would have had to forfeit his life, if he had not clothed it in wisdom and delivered it with understanding. He knew the Athenian law against the introduction of other gods, so he took them where they were and preached God, the Father, "in him we live, and move, and have our being," whom, he said, "ye ignorantly worship." In the same manner we must watch our opportunities. We must be in such close touch with the infinite source of understanding that we at all times may render the right service in the right place.

Our Opportunities Should Be Met in Patience

In exercising patience we learn to recognize daily the little opportunities which are so important. Impatience to do great things blinds us. We should count it a privilege to be a servant of the servants in the Kingdom of God. Our servant is God's free individual; for in service to humanity we are making our wills one with His.

To do this requires patience with ourselves as well as with others. "In your patience possess ye your souls." It is possible to have a thing and yet not possess it. Our soul has within it all the attributes of the Divine. It is worth waiting, striving, working to understand and know ourselves to be individual and yet one with God. Let us not be in haste, but count each step as an opportunity.