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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book I - Lesson XII - Love

Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Divine Love Passes Understanding

Undoubtedly, the reason that humankind does not totally accept the way back to the Father, made perfect through the Christ, is that so great a love as the Father showed forth for His children passes understanding. God, the Father, the First Cause, in the manifestations of Self brought the world, as we observe it about us, into being through love. He gave to us, His creation, the ability to become one with Him. This way was shown through the Christ, the Mediator with the Father. Hence we realize that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that we through Him might have life-God more abundant.

... "Ye that have known me knoweth my Father also, for I am in Him, and ye in me"-may know that love that make th the life burn as an ember in a darkened and unregenerated world. "For unto me must come all that would find the way. I am the Way. Ye are my brethren. Ye have been begotten in the flesh through the love made manifest in the earth." Then, in the spirit and in the mind that hast brought thee to that understanding and consciousness of His love made manifest, abide ye day by day. 262-44

Personal Experiences

"I was seeking to know and experience that love that passes understanding. I soon found that if I would love I must know Him who is the Author of Love. The way was pointed out to me: Commune the more often in the inner shrine, in the Holy of Holies. Meet the presence of the Father there; know the love of the Christ in action; experience and see the power of the Holy Spirit."

"In meditation I found the peace that I had been seeking for months. It was not far away, but very near, even within my heart. I came to know that my Redeemer lives, that His presence may be experienced, and that my body, mind, and soul may be one with Him."

"In a trying experience I sought divine love. I realized more and more the consciousness of the presence of the Father and the consolation that I was being watched over by guardian angels. Peace filled my soul. Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us, and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.'"

"I have found that in sending out thoughts of love to any person or thing the whole environment may be changed. My child was very cross one night. She did not want to study or obey any of my requests. I began to look at her and send her thoughts of love. She seemed to get them very quickly, for in a short while her face was wreathed in smiles, and without further trouble she came to the table and began to study. Instantly, her whole attitude changed to one of obedience. Not a word was said; love alone conquered."

"The law that brought worlds into existence is the same law that makes us friends with all of God's creatures. My children were great lovers of pets and were ready to adopt any they found homeless or friendless. My experience deals with a homeless cat which made frequent visits to our back yard. She was so wild that she would run if she saw or heard anyone approach. We would leave food for her, but she was so filled with fear that she did not dare let us see her eat it.

"By our constant kindness in caring for her and showing our love, for we had come to love and pity her, she finally dropped her fear and would let us pet her, and if permitted would even come into the house. It took two years to accomplish this, but we succeeded. Truly, Tx>ve casteth out fear.'"

The power of love may work in the lives of individuals in material ways as well as spiritual, as indicated in the following experience:

"Someone that I dearly loved was in need of financial help. One morning when it seemed I had on me all I could bear, from a material standpoint, he came to me and asked for a loan of a hundred dollars. I felt that he was asking for my all, as I had only a little more in the bank from which I could draw and did not know when I would be able to get more. It seemed as if I were a child and someone had asked for my last penny, which I wanted very much.

"In my dilemma, the thought came to me that I could not reject my friend, but should go to the bank and let him have it, for his mental distress outweighed my desire for self-preservation. There followed many constructive as well as conflicting thoughts. Should I take almost all I had and give to another? Was I called on to make such a sacrifice? Finally, there came to me a realization of the great sacrifice made for me, and the love of the Heavenly Father for His children. My conflicting thoughts vanished and I had peace. For had He not promised, 'I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee'?

"The power of love is slowly molding the lives of us all. I know this because of its influence in helping me day by day to show forth His love and to live in the way that He may be glorified through my service to others."