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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book I - Lesson XII - Love

Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

"And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; 
but the greatest of these is love." 
I Corinthians 13:13 [RV]

Our Father, through the love that Thou has manifested in the world through Thy Son, the Christ, make us more aware of "God is love." 262-43

[Based on Edgar Cayce readings 262-43 through 262-48]

Love is God. The whole law is fulfilled in these three words. Humanity is urged to observe and to cultivate this attribute, for it is through love that physical life is perfected and the continuity of life realized. Life is Creative Force in action and is the expression of love.

Love, divine love, is universal. It is found in the smile of a babe, which indeed is love undefiled, in the beauty of a song, and in a soul raised in praise to the Giver of Light. There is love manifested in the performance of duty when there is no thought of personal gain, in speaking encouraging words to those seeking an understanding, and in the activities of those doing their best with the talents entrusted to them. Love may be found in a contented heart that is willing to wait until the time is fulfilled when the ideal may be realized. Love that passes understanding is found in His Consciousness.

Love Manifested

It is the privilege of every soul to find joy in communing with God in nature; for each creation is a complete unit of expression of the Creative Power.

Christ perfectly manifested the love of the Maker. His life and teachings are the inspiration for the regeneration of all humanity. As children of God we can manifest God's love if we allow Him to have His way in our lives. Joy comes through service even in toil and pain. Pure undefiled love is so powerful that all may lay down their lives for others. Self is forgotten.

Then, come ye, my children! Harken unto that which thou hast attained in thine self, that ye may put on the whole armor and be fruitful in the love of Him [who] calls that everyone should hear, should know, should understand, that God is in His heavens and that His love endureth even to those who harden their hearts-and wills that no one should perish rather that in the love as may be manifested in the daily walks, the daily activities of every soul, each may show through that manifested the love which impels the giving of everything within self as a manifestation of He, the Master having spoken with thee! 262-44

The Power of Love

Love is the force that uplifts and inspires humankind. Children starve without it. Men and women wither and decay when it is lacking. It costs nothing, yet its value cannot be measured by material standards. It can lift wretched human beings from the miry clay of despair and set their feet upon the solid rock of respectability and service.

Love is that inexplicable force which brought Jesus to earth so that through Him the way back to the Father might be made plain to the children of men. It caused the Father to give His Son that whosoever believes might have eternal life. Love is that dynamic force which brings into manifestation all things. It is the healing force, the cleansing force, and the force that blesses all things we touch. With our hearts filled with love we will see only goodness and purity in everybody and in everything. In the beginning love looked upon the earth and saw that it was good and blessed it.

As love is God, it is, therefore, our abundant supply. Do we lack? Do we love? Do we allow conditions to keep us from the realization of the presence of God? If so, how can we expect the flow of abundance, when we are keeping the channel blocked by our thoughts and attitudes? We are standing in the way of our own success. When conditions arise which seem hard to endure, if we would realize that we are workers together with God and that each condition is perhaps some problem in our lives that must be met and overcome, we might stop and count our blessings instead of counting our hardships. Only with our hearts filled with love-love for conditions, love for people, love for God-can we fully realize this. Life is growth. We never can grow in knowledge and understanding and really be channels of blessings until we have endured and conquered in ourselves just the things that we would help others to overcome. Love allows no place for hate and recognizes no evil, but sees all things working together for good. The power of love is unlimited. We alone may set the metes and bounds. We may use it constructively or selfishly. We may uplift our fellow humans or crush ideals, instigate revolts, and wreck civilization. It all depends upon whether we are in love with ourselves or are willing to lay down our lives for others.