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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book I - Lesson XI - The Lord Thy God Is One

The Lord Thy God Is One
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

How We May Come into the Realization of the Oneness

We come into consciousness of the Oneness, not through any act of our own other than that we believe, trust, have faith, and come to realize that all material things are, in essence, spiritual. The Master said, "Ye are gods." Does it not behoove us to take Him at His word and act the part? O, Thou who art God, present within each of us, forgive our unbelief! Let us pray for the greater realization of His presence. He is real, even as a neighbor at our side, and is faithful to keep His promises. As we are striving toward this realization, let us, moment by moment, be conscious that in every act, word, and deed His power is manifesting in and through us, and that there can be no separateness. We alone shut out the glories that may be our experiences in the realization of unity. Let us see to it that our lives, activities, thoughts, and meditations are more and more in accord with the will of the Father; for in so doing we become more Godlike and less selfish, and less of the carnal influences enter into our activities. We will then be in a position to teach others and will be on fire with the power that will manifest through us, and more and more at peace and in harmony with those experiences that are ours through our walks with Him in meditation and prayer.

How may we come into a realization of the Oneness? Take God at His word, "I am God, and beside me there is none other." "Without me ye can do nothing." Listen to the Voice and act upon it. Learn the lessons that nature teaches. Realize that the power within us is the God Force, the good force-although we, and we alone, through our wills may misuse it, causing it to become evil. If we will wait on the Lord, He will speak to us and will bring all things to our remembrance, even to the realization of our oneness with Him. Strive to see God in every one as well as in every thing. Meditate, pray, listen, and believe.

The At-Onement Through Jesus, the Christ

One of the basic and essential principles of Jesus' teachings is contained in the statement, "I and my Father are one." It is to His life as an example and to His explanations of the Creative Force that we may turn with a feeling of complete faith for understanding. Jesus demonstrated in a very practical manner the Oneness of God as related to each individual soul. He showed us what could be attained by an individual who was willing to make his or her will one with that of the Father. He promised us that He would make intercession for us, opening a way for all who seek to be drawn to the Father.

In the simplicity of His life and teachings, Jesus brings to our understanding the fact that God is very near to us, that He is even within our own hearts. Much of the beauty and strength of His philosophy of life lies in the personal touch, in the direct connection which He establishes between us and our Creator.

Jesus' years of ministry were spent in practical demonstration of His consciousness of the Oneness of Creative Force. His words and acts were in compliance with the law which He understood so thoroughly. Whether it was on the open hillside before the masses, or in the seclusion of some quiet grove before a select few, He was ever explaining and demonstrating the truths which He knew would make us truly free. He had walked the way and now chose to guide those who also sought a closer walk with the Creator.

Jesus learned obedience through suffering. He earned the right to be the Mediator for humankind; the right to guide those who seek in His name. If we will only follow the example He set, we will come into a realization of this truth, which He lived and taught, The Lord our God is one Lord."

As we strive to make ourselves in atonement with Him, we must deny any other influence. He will bear us up and give us the help we need. There is power in His name. It is the symbol of attainment, understanding, and the realization of God's universal law (love). It is strength for those who are weary, peace to a troubled heart and mind. He is the Saviour to all who seek the at-onement.

Let us strive to realize more fully and show by our practical applications that we are workers together with God-that each of us, that each of God's creatures, is filling his or her niche in the great Oneness. From our point of view, it may be a very poor expression, but God sees deeper into each heart and knows all things.

The kind old lady who offers her simple herb to relieve the pain of the little child, and the skilled physician who is giving his best to mitigate the ills of humanity are as much in at-onement with Him as the saint who, with a touch of love, opens the eyes of the blind. All are doing their part with the talent given into their keeping; all are working out their own development in their own way, which is the manifestation of His will.

The fullness of the realization of the Oneness of the Father was brought to His children when Jesus the Christ sent into the world the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that brings to our remembrance all things.