Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book I - Lesson XI - The Lord Thy God Is One

The Lord Thy God Is One
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

"For there is one God; and there is none other but He."
Mark 12:32

As my body, mind and soul are one, Thou, О Lord, in the manifestations in the earth, in power, in might, in glory, art one. May I see in that I do, day by day, more of that realization, and manifest the more. 262-38

[Based on Edgar Cayce readings 262-38 through 262-42]
Thou art One, the first of every number, 
and the foundation of every structure.
Thou art One, and at the mystery of Thy Oneness 
the wise of heart are struck dumb, 
For they know not what it is.
Thou art One, and Thy Oneness can 
neither be increased nor lessened;
It lacketh naught, nor doth aught remain over.
Thou art One, but not like a unit to be grasped or counted,
For number and change cannot reach Thee.
Thou art not to be envisaged, 
nor to be figured thus and thus ... "

Unity is perhaps the most difficult truth that we have to realize and manifest, although it is evinced all about us. Through the mouth of His prophets, the Creator repeatedly reminded His chosen ones, "Hear, О Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord"; yet they, as other nations, would wander away and seek other gods. In the simplest and most comprehensible way, the Creator has revealed to His creation His power, glory, and might. The word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it." It is planted not only in the heart, but The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard."

The Manifestations of God Are One

In the universe all manifestations are of God and are one with Him. In Him they live and move and have their being. This Supreme Intelligence that moves in the earth is manifested in the tiniest molecule as perfectly as in a great planet. How wonderful to realize that there is only one force, one power, one presence, and that is God, the Father. God is Spirit. "If I ascend up into heaven, Thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, Thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall Thy hand lead me."

As a pebble tossed into a lake sends out ripples that finally reach the farthest shore, just so do our acts, whether good or bad, affect others. As in our bodies, when a member is injured, the whole suffers, so do we as individuals influence the whole of society.

Our mental, physical, and spiritual bodies must be consecrated as channels for spiritual forces, if we would fully comprehend our duty to the whole and apply ourselves in working out the purposes of God. The Father has not willed that any should perish. All may come into the knowledge of their relationship to Him. When we realize this, obstacles become stepping-stones; our enemies (hindrances and weaknesses) become means through which we may mount to higher attainments.

Amid the turmoils of the present day, if we exercise patience, faith, the attributes of God, we have unparalleled opportunities to observe the Father working through His children. It is not necessary to have some great vision or experience, but just to be kind and to perform each task cheerfully. These are things of spirit and become proofs to us and the world that "My Father worketh hitherto, and I work." The only thing that can separate us from this understanding is ourselves. We alone can open or shut the door.

We should never allow ourselves to feel separate and apart from God or our fellow human beings; for what affects our neighbor on the other side of the world affects us. The people of the earth are one great family. We should love without distinction, knowing that God is in all. By making ourselves perfect channels that His grace, mercy, peace, and love may flow through us, we come to realize more and more the Oneness of all creation. Let us keep the heart open that the voice of Him who has called may quicken every thought and act. His ways are not hidden nor far away, but are manifested to those who will hear and see the glory of the Oneness. Through the activity of the will is the method by which each of us should prepare ourselves as channels for forces that may assist in gaining a greater concept of the Oneness of the Father in the material plane.