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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book I - Lesson VIII - The Open Door

The Open Door
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

The Great Need for Service

We are our neighbor's keeper. A new revelation is taking place. A new order of things is being born. Old things are passing away and, behold, new things are about to appear. We are considering our relationship to our fellow humans as never before. Let us catch more clearly the note of compassion and love taught by our Elder Brother and, in His Spirit, pass it on. Let us not sit and wait until tomorrow, but use that opportunity, that privilege, and that promise today. Let selfishness be swallowed up in selflessness.

There is a great need for service. A stream that has no outlet becomes stagnant and impure. Self-development is not the whole purpose of service. There is a greater need. We must see to it that our neighbor, too, comes to the knowledge of the Light. There are responsibilities as well as joys in service. Storms may come, but it is He who stills the tempest for us. He brings rest to those who are tired. No matter what the trials may be, keep the faith. Let self be as naught that He, the Guide and Leader, may be better understood by those who look to our activities. He is the Light, and as we walk closer to Him the way becomes brighter.

If we would be channels, we must demonstrate in our lives what we teach. Let us choose each day some truth, live it first for self, then for others, that they may see our good works as we put into practical operation just what we say we believe and teach. It will work. The Master said, "Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world."

The Kingdom of the Father

To be aware of the Christ Consciousness within is to open the way for the Christ Spirit to manifest in our lives. The way is open to all who seek. The trials may be many, but through the Christ Spirit we are able to meet them. There is a consciousness of His force, power, and activity upon which we may draw. When doubts arise, it is a call to prayer. Let no doubt linger, but give thanks that it is only a look onward and upward that will again restore the faith upon which our hope is built.

The possession of an earthly kingdom is worth the seeking of a lifetime. There is not only responsibility but honor in its possession. There is a certain satisfaction that something is being accomplished by self and, perhaps, for others. How much greater is a possession in the kingdom of the Father-that kingdom prepared for us from the foundation of the world. What can stand in our way? Only self! As we realize this, may we not push self aside and let the Spirit lead us fully into that possession which is our birthright, and thereby exercise the benediction of Him who said, "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth"?

Be still, my children! Bow thine heads that the Lord of the Way may make known unto you that have been chosen for a service in this period when there is the need of that Spirit being made manifest in the earth, that the way may be known to those that seek the Light! For the glory of the Father will be made manifest through you that are faithful unto the calling wherein ye have been called! Ye that have named the Name make known in thy daily walks of life, in the little acts of the lessons that have been builded into your own experience, through those associations of self in meditation and prayer, that His way may be known among men. For He calls on all- whosoever will may come-and He stands at the door of your own conscience, that ye may be aware that the Scepter has not departed from Israel, nor have His ways been in vain: For today, will ye harken, the way is open-I, Michael, call on thee! 262-27

Bow thine heads, О ye sons of men, would ye know the Way: For I, Michael, the Lord of the Way, would warn ye that thou standest not in the way of thy brother nor sittest in the seats of the scornful, but rather make known that love, that glory, that power in His Name, that none be afraid: for I, Michael, have spoken! 262-28

Hark! О ye children of men! Bow thine heads, ye sons of men: For the glory of the Lord is thine, will ye be faithful to the trust that is put in each of you!

Know in whom ye have believed! Know that He is Lord of all, and His word faileth not to them that are faithful, day by day: for I, Michael, would protect those that seek to know His face! 262-29

Let our prayer be expressed in these words:

As the Father knoweth me, so may I know the Father, through the Christ Spirit, the door to the kingdom of the Father. Show Thou me the way. 262-27