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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book I - Lesson VII - Patience

Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Means Through Which Patience Is Gained

In patience we become aware of our presence before the Throne. Let us seek often, then, to awaken our inner selves. With patience this may be accomplished. If we lose hold on ourselves, through the lack of patience, there is the opportunity for the entering in of those things that would make us afraid. In waiting we have the promise that His strength is sufficient for us. There is no danger of defeat, and there is no cause for fear. It is necessary, however, that we be in perfect attunement with our ideal, if we are desirous of possessing this virtue, patience, that is so necessary for our spiritual growth. There may come many harassing experiences that would seem to separate us from the Maker, but each experience has its reward. As we seek, let us know that the Comforter, who will come to us at all times, is near, and we will never be left alone.

The understanding of His laws will come, little by little, as we apply what we already know. The development of patience requires prayer and a constant watch upon ourselves, lest we be off guard and let slip an angry word or a quick retort, causing someone to stumble. Think on these things. Selfishness retards our progress in gaining patience. The recognition of this means the taking of a bold step, but a necessary one, if we would have that patience with others that we are desiring for ourselves. Lose self in Him; find self in service. Lose self in Him; find self one with the Father. The step is magic, the realization divine, when every act, every thought, and every word is so actuated by the spirit of patience that others will endeavor to emulate our example. This becomes the natural experience to the heart that recognizes God in everyone.

In the trials that arise day by day, our patience is tested. We begin to grow as we overcome and put behind us each new obstacle. Passive submission will not suffice;our patience must be an active, growing force which rises to meet each new trial. Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth and purgeth every one, for corruption may not inherit eternal life, but must be burned up. Let us know that our God is a consuming fire and must purge everyone that would be one with Him.

We overcome only through patience. We develop by pressing on, by expending spiritual energy, and in so doing we open the way for God to lend the sustaining strength of His presence in times of trial and tests that come to all.

How may we more perfectly live the life that we may through patience gain the better understanding? By applying what we know day by day. The Spirit does not call on us to live what we do not already know and understand. In doing there comes the knowledge and the understanding for the next step. When should we begin? Today, for "Now is the accepted time," we read. Let us enter in through faith and with patience wait for the next step. Those of us who make ourselves unworthy of being tried are unworthy of being trusted for the entering in.

It Takes Patience to Run the Race

The trying of our faith worketh patience, we are told in Scripture. Day by day, step by step, the race is run. When we think our patience is entirely exhausted, then we have lost patience with ourselves. What a hell it becomes if we become impatient with ourselves! How quickly we must hasten to analyze ourselves and make the necessary corrections and adjustments! Influences from within are stronger than from without; thus our higher selves stand ready to help, if we are really anxious to set ourselves right. What an opportunity for growth and a closer approach to Him! Let us live just today, as if the race were ended, the work completed-as if upon this day's endeavors depended the fulfillment of all of His promises. If we expected the Master, the Christ, to dine with us today, what would we have to offer as the fruits of our lives, our thoughts, our acts, or our deeds?

Patience is a virtue that has no vacation. How watchful we must be, lest malice or censure creep in, and we lose everything for which we have striven! We are called upon at all times to lay aside those things that hinder, and to run with patience the race set before us. The race must be run, for it is the way back to the Father. Let us be thankful that we do not have to run alone. "I am the way... no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." Only the activity of patience, with trust in Him, will enable us to meet all trying conditions and rise above each new barrier.