Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book I - Lesson VII - Patience

Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

" In your patience possess ye your souls."
Luke 21:19

How gracious is Thy presence in the earth, О Lord! Be Thou the guide, that we with patience may run the race which is set before us, looking to Thee, the Author, the Giver of light. 262-24

[Based on Edgar Cayce readings 262-24 through 262-26]

God is the God of patience. All nature declares this. It is written in the rocks, the caverns, the hills, and the valleys-yea, deep in the heart of the earth. It is no less written in the souls of people by Him who has shown Himself to be long-suffering, forbearing, and willing, though it takes ages, for all to come to the knowledge of the light.

Patience is an activity of the God-mind within each soul. Its expression involves mental, physical, and spiritual thought and action. Through patience we learn to know self, to measure and test our ideals, to use faith, and to seek understanding through virtue. Thus all spiritual attributes are embraced in patience.

As we exercise patience day by day, we know how well we have put into activity the lessons learned from past experiences. Patience puts all the virtues into action. With patience we become channels of blessings to others -serving not in our way, but in His way-not once, but as long as there is need of service.

Value of Patience

Patience is a test of our development. Manifested in our daily lives, it shows whether we have used or abused the opportunities presented during former experiences. What great understanding results when we exercise this attribute!

It is through patience that we get a better understanding of the Father and His relationship to His children. It is through patience that we get a better understanding of the crosses that we bear day by day.

One that is without crosses has ceased to be of notice and is no longer among the children. We may be called upon to bear not only our own crosses but those of others. If we would approach the Throne, we must come leaning upon the arm of a neighbor we have helped. This manifests our relationship to each other.

Patience, as nothing else, shows growth. We often find ourselves so able to meet some difficult problems that we feel we have solved them before. Doubtless we have, again and again. At other times we are not able to cope with problems not nearly so intricate. Why do we have such experiences? If we fail in meeting these in the right spirit and find ourselves beaten, do we not act the parts of weaklings? As we realize our mistakes, we become ashamed that we lost hold of ourselves, and resolve that we will profit by the mistakes. Because of these experiences, we should ever afterwards count ourselves happy to endure, and be more willing to wait until we are better understood, and until we can better understand. It is the lessons learned through patience that in the end strengthen and help us; then we become examples to others. Something, too, has taken place within us, for something is written that the hand of time cannot efface. We have found a pearl of great price to be set in the soul, where it will remain through all eternity!

How kind is the wise provision of the Father! He gives to us each moment just what we are able to use. We cannot use aright that which we do not understand. "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now."1 As we do our bit to make His promises real by showing our neighbors that we understand their burdens and are ready to help them bear them, we become more and more able to know the love of the Father and more conscious of our own growth.

The beauty of the soul shows in the life of individuals who have patience. This comes to those who have a constant, prayerful attitude for a purposeful life. In order to have this beauty of the soul's expression, it is necessary that we forget ourselves. It is not altogether an outward growth but an inward one, too. It is the result of introspection, which is the foundation of deep meditation. Love is manifested in every word and act, even as it was in those of the Master. So, through patience let us magnify His attributes in our experiences. There is nothing to regret in exercising patience-there is everything, in the loss of it. We are building for eternity. Results do not always manifest at once.

One individual relates the following experience: "I was called upon to pass through a great trial. My supply of patience and endurance seemed to become more and more depleted as the days went by. Beginning to realize, at last, that I was only an instrument-a channel through which God's will was being manifested-my strength and courage gradually returned until, without fear, I faced the issues at stake and came to a clearer and better understanding of the problem. It was worth all to have patiently waited and to have felt His presence."

His presence with peace is the promise to us who with patience endure the crosses that are set before us day by day.