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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book I - Meditation

Book I - Meditation
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

V. Methods of Meditation

We must learn to meditate just as we learn to walk or talk or to develop any physical attribute.

We must direct our consciousness through desire, controlled by will.

The following suggestions are offered as an outline that may be used by each individual. We are all capable of choosing the form that is most pleasing, most suitable, and most fitting for us as individuals. Our various developments fit us to accept and understand different forms. For some, the simplest approach is the best; for others, a complicated procedure is necessary. There must be a spiritual intent and purpose, a true desire to seek His will, not ours, as we enter in. God is spiritual force and must be sought through a spiritual ideal, set by Him who perfected the way, and who thus became the Way. Let His principles be the guide in the formation of the ideal, the image, that is raised within.

Cleanse the body with pure water. Sit or lie in an easy position, without binding garments about the body. Three times breathe in through the right nostril and exhale through the mouth; three times breathe in through the left nostril and exhale through the right nostril. Then, either with the aid of low music or an incantation which carries the self deeper into a sense of oneness with the creative forces of love, enter into the Holy of Holies. As self feels or experiences the raising of this, see it disseminated through the inner eye (not carnal eye) to that which will bring the greater understanding in meeting every condition in the experience of the body. Then, we may listen to the music that is made as each center of the body responds to the new Creative Force that is being disseminated, each through its own channel. We will find that, little by little, meditation will enable us to renew ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. (See 281-28.)


1. In meditation some individuals experience a vibratory sensation which seems to move the body from side to side, or backward and forward. This may become a circular motion within the body, bringing a fullness and whirling sensation in the head.

2. Other individuals feel a coolness upon the head and forehead.

3. Some sense a pulsation in the lower part of the spine. This may come from nerve impulses flowing through the body from the lower genitive centers to other gland centers which control various activities of the physical body. Let us not force these, but so conduct our minds and the activities of our bodies as to leave ourselves channels for such expressions.

4. Others experience a vibration running up through the body and ending in a sensation of fullness in the head. When we are able to raise within ourselves vibrations that pass through the whole course of the attributes of physical attunements to the disseminating center, or spiritual eye, then our bodies become magnets that may, if properly used, bring healing to others, with a laying on of hands.

5. A sensation to the eyes is indicative of a healing vibration. Healing of every sort must come first in self before it can be raised in another.

6. A voice speaking to an individual is a manifestation of an awakening within self of the abilities to associate, connect, and communicate with those influences from without self. Then, as given of old, if there will be held and magnified within the consciousness of self the desire for that Voice, that Presence, which would aid in bringing the various consciousnesses to self, the experiences will be from the universal influences or from His messenger. Magnify this in self and for self. Be mindful that it is not clothed in some other power.

7. Then, finally, there is the passing into the presence of that which may materialize invoice, feeling, sight, and a consciousness of oneness with the Whole.

VI. Conclusion

If self-development is our aim, then we must begin just where we are. It will do no good idly to wish to be in some other condition or surrounding; for, unless we have mastered our present state, the second will be worse than the first. The first and last obstacle to overcome is understanding ourselves. Until we are fully aware of all that constitutes our existence we have no right to say that this or that is the aim and goal of life. Our capacities and abilities are of the highest creation. Let us not fool ourselves by accepting anything but the fullest expression of consciousness.