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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Book I - Meditation

Book I - Meditation
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

During the rising of the currents along this silver cord and in these centers, a body may become conscious of distinct vibrations. There are three principal motions that correspond to the three-dimensional concept of the conscious mind: namely, the backward and forward, the side to side, and the circular movements. These sensations may be very real. They may cause an apparent vibration or motion in the body itself that is simply a movement within the body, without outward effect. Another very common sensation is that of the current or vibration passing up the spine or through the body from the feet upward, or vice versa. These may also be accompanied or followed by a lightness, or slight dizziness. It may also be pointed out here that the reactions within individuals may differ, for the composite vibrations of a body acted upon by spiritual thought differ in various individuals. The important point is that a definite, physical reaction, in sensitive centers, takes place.

3. A study of vibrations

Before entering further into the discussion of meditation, it would be well to outline a few elementary principles of vibration which will enable us to better understand many of the terms used, and some of the experiences we may have. Science teaches us that all matter is in motion, and that the difference in various forms of matter is due to the difference in the rates of vibration. For example, we know that by increasing the molecular activity of water by heating we can produce another form of matter called steam; that is, the particles of matter in the steam are vibrating (moving) at a faster rate of speed than the particles in water. Now, our bodies are made up of particles of matter which have been taken into them, such as food, air, et cetera. Various parts of our bodies are composed of different types of matter, vibrating at different rates of speed. The nervous system, for example, is highly sensitive. Our bones are of denser structure than our blood, muscular tissue denser than membrane, and so on. The combination of the vibrations of all of these different parts forms a general rate of vibration for the body. This is constantly changing. Illness of any kind causes discordant vibrations. The higher the rate of vibration, the more sensitive the body is to influences of any kind.

As we go deeper in the study of meditation, we become conscious, through application, of these various vibrations in and through the body and mind. As we attempt deep meditation, spiritual forces within and without the body-mind will at first be limited by the five senses of perception, for only through these can we recognize any manifestation in this plane. Even when we have learned to lay the physical aside entirely and explore wider realms, the concepts brought back with us must be clothed in three-dimensional terms to be consciously understood.

Vibrations which are emanations of life from within are material expressions of a spiritual influence, a force that emanates from life itself. When a vibration arises, it may act only upon centers within the human body that are sensitive to vibrations, else they may not become apparent. These, spiritualized, are emanations which may be sent out as thought waves, as a force in the activity of universal or cosmic influence, and thus have their effect upon those toward whom, by suggestion, they are directed.

Let us consider the effect of thought upon the body in relation to vibration. All thoughts are constructed at different vibratory rates. As the food we take into the body is important from the standpoint of structure, so thoughts are important as factors that build up the mental pattern. Mind is the builder. It is the construction engineer that molds even the actual physical matter in its higher vibratory forms. We should therefore never use thought vibrations by attempting to make ourselves other than a channel to help others.

B. The Mental Body
1. The purging of self

Let us consider what takes place in the mental body during meditation. The mind is the builder, the physical the result. The mind partakes of both the physical and the spiritual. Most of us are aware of only a part of the mind; this we call the conscious mind. Even in the field of psychology, recent investigations have revealed little beyond a bare glance at what is called the subconscious, the storehouse of memory and the ever-watchful supervisor of the regular functions of the body. There is still another division of the mind. This may be called the activity of the superconscious, or soul - mind. (These are only names that we use in trying to clarify for our imperfect understanding the meanings of different functions of one force.)