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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Revelation
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Revelation, Chapter 21

(v 1) Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old heaven and the old earth had passed away, and there was no longer any division.

(v 2 - 4) And I saw the holy city of Jerusalem within my mind. Through this knowledge and this seeing, I saw all that I could not see before. I saw that I am in God and God is in me, and separation of the two is impossible. l saw that God is in my brothers and my brothers are in me, and separation and division are impossible. All that I had seen before, which caused me pain and suffering and loneliness, were wiped out forever. Before me, I saw only the expression of perfect freedom, and I knew that what I saw was Love.

(v 5) This is written down as a promise to all of mankind. Each one shall come to know this Vision and no one shall be left out. For this Vision is the reflection of your truth, and your truth is still in you.

(v 6 - 8) He who is thirsty, let him drink of the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Let Him teach you. Follow His guidance in trust and expectation that you shall be healed. You are the free Son of God. Nothing can stand between you and your one true desire except your own desire to not know your Self.

You are free.

(v 9 - 14) Symbolism is gone forever when you can look beyond the symbols to the truth that merely is. fin this truth do all symbols disappear, for in this truth is all interpretation rendered meaningless.

(v 15 - 21) That which cannot be described is indescribable, but it shall be known, because it is known. It is your truth, and it is within your knowing now. You need only to let go of everything that is not this knowing, without clinging to anything that feels safe within the familiar, and the familiar will fade away, that the known may shine within your mind. And there will be no words unless they are given you.

(v 22 - 27) All that is, all that ever was and all that is to come, is You. You are the Light and the vessel through which the Light shines. You are the reflection, which is made of your Light. You are all that is and separate from none of it. For there is only one, and since you are, you are the One.

NTI Revelation, Chapter 22

(v 1, 2) Then the angel showed me the water of the river of Life, clear as crystal, flowing from God and through God, and I was not apart from its flow I was within its flow, and 1 was a part of its flow, and its flow came from me. l saw that the flow which comes from God is everything, and all that is is a part of its flow. The tree of life is symbolic of the eternity that is. No one must eat from the tree of life or sit within its shade in order to gain eternal life. Eternal life already is and always has been, for this is the truth of Life, The tree of life never dies and never changes, although its leaves dance in the wind. This is the symbol of creation, and creation is what you are

(v 3 - 6) When your eyes are opened, they shall not close again. For when you see, you will not choose to forget what you have seen. -'These words are trustworthy and true. Only the truth is true. All else is illusion.

(v7- 9) What does it mean to worship God? fit means to be grateful for all that you are and to seek no change from it.

(v 10, 11) Seek not to change that which you see, for that is to desire that, you be different. Accept all that you see in glory and rejoicing, for that which you see is the mark of Heaven. Do not worry that the mark is not the mark that you expect. Accept it is from Heaven, and you shall learn to see the mark differently.

(v 12,13) "Behold, I am coming soon," is only a reminder. When you have forgotten and become lost within an image of what you are not, remember this statement and choose to see clearly again.

Everyone experiences according to his choice, because you are the one who chooses.

(v 14, 15) Inside the inner chamber of your Heart you shall find and know your truth. It is not foreign to you. It is all that you are. When you seem locked outside the light of the Heart, do not fear to choose again. Rest and trust that your Heart beckons to you. As you listen, you shall be drawn to it. As you listen, it shall come to you.

(v 16) Your truth is your foundation. And in your foundation, you find your strength. Let all else fade away, and a new house shall be built from the true foundation of Light.

(v 17) Come! The call is within you and the door is open. Come, and thirst no more. Come, and see that you are the river of Life.

(v 18, 19) Put aside all fear and listen only to the Voice of Love. Recognize your true Voice and follow it to the recognition of You.

(v 20, 21) He who listens will surely hear.

He who comes will know. All will come, as none are to be left out. This is the Word of God. Amen.