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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Revelation
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Revelation, Chapter 19

(v 1, 2) God's judgment is true, because God's judgment is non-judgmental. God is only aware of God so that illusion does not exist in the Mind of God.

Illusion is seeing what is as if it is what isn't. Seeing illusion is seeing only that which is purely false. This seeing is not through the body's eyes, just as true perception is not seen through the body's eyes, That which the body's eyes see is wholly neutral.

Illusion is seen through the thinking mind, which judges and interprets based upon false premises. Illusion is gone when the thinking mind is disengaged by the one who desires to see through Spirit.

(v 3) Hallelujah! When the thinking mind is released, illusion is no more. For all that is seen is seen through the mind truly.

(v 4, 5) The thinking mind is the veil that hides the symbol of truth with illusion. The thinking mind will keep you fearful. The thinking mind will judge and separate you from your Self. You cannot see clearly through the thinking mind, because the thinking mind was made so you would not see. Be grateful for your Self, which is beyond the thinking mind. Be grateful for reminders to rest. Observe the thinking mind. See how it works. Through watching it, you will learn you have need for it no more. Hallelujah for the Vision without the thinking mind! Praise God and the truth which is true. Never can wholeness be lost to illusion, Never can the truth be through.

(v 6-8) Recommit to your Self through the Sight of Spirit. It is the Vision that sees. Be grateful for hills and for grass and for wind. Praise joy with all that you see. The Sight of Spirit is a choice that you make. It is the choice to marry the lamb. For with this choice is innocence known, and glory is seen through the land.

(v 9) Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the lamb, for those are the ones who see. And those who see, see only one, because One is all there is to see.

(v 10) Behold the reflection of truth! There are no differences that can be seen. The canvas has been painted by joy. Celebrate our oneness in the playground of a dream. Awaken through peace and joy.

(v 11 - 16)True desire must lead in the last days of the thinking mind, for the thinking mind will try to disguise itself as true desire. For this, you must remain on watch. True desire is known by its desire for only one thing. True desire does not desire within the world. True desire does not desire to test itself. True desire desires only this:

To Know thy Self

The thinking mind desires the delay of true desire. In the hour when true desire is nearly full force, the thinking mind will look for a way to lead you from your true desire, possibly also by leading you to think you are fulfilling it.

This is what "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" points to. Whenever you feel self-satisfaction in the role you have been asked to play, know that role is not true desire. For true desire never leads to a role that is satisfactory to the self. True desire leads only from self to the wholeness of the realization of truth.

(v 17, 18) The ego will emerge as you follow the false true desire of the thinking mind, but because you want to believe this false desire, you will look away from that which appears only that it may be seen.

(v 19 - 21) The only way to pass through the tests of the thinking mind, without being led astray by false desire, is to remain fully focused on true desire now.

There is no other way.

This may seem to be a time of sadness, for you will be asked to let go of that which you still hold faith in. This may be a time of fear. Remain quiet in trust, focused on your true desire, and you will sail through the thinking mind's tortures on the wings of faith in truth.

NTI Revelation, Chapter 20

(v 1 - 3) This is something you must be willing to do:

You must be willing to rest the thinking mind at every opportunity given you.

Learn to recognize your opportunities to rest the thinking mind. When you feel to go into prayer, rest and let a prayer rise from the Heart.

When you feel to answer a question in the mind, rest and let the answer find its way into your awareness. When you feel tired and unsure as to what to do, rest and let a feeling of what to do enter you. 'When you feel inclined to speak and don't know what to say, rest and let what to say be given. And when you feel upset or saddened or afraid, rest and let illusions fade.

(v 4 - 6) When the thinking mind is rested, the Vision of Spirit is given. This Vision may guide you in all you think or do or say, because this Vision is your Vision based on the realization of true perception. This Vision knows the false as false and the true as true, so this Vision knows that which it sees. Knowing what it sees, it knows how to interact with it. And the purpose of each interaction is the purpose of awakening the one from the dream.

(v 7 - 10) Peaceful dreams end in peace. For one who has seen the peaceful purpose of awakening cannot see fear in dreams. The purpose is the same and has not changed, but this one can see it now. This one can see it now, because this one has learned to remember who he always is.

(v 11-15) "Death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death."

When one chooses to let go of dreams, one chooses to let go of the ideas of dreams forever. The ideas of dreams are never real, but they are experienced as real as long as they are desired. When they are no longer desired, they cannot be experienced. They cease to be, no longer an idea in the mind, forever.