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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Revelation
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Revelation, Chapter 17

(v 1,2) The great prostitute is merely the symbol for illusion. Have no fear. There can be no punishment given to that which is pure fantasy. Come with Me, and see what happens with the distraction called illusion.

(v 3 - 6) Do not be afraid to look at the great illusion. Fear to look comes only from the belief that it is real. It is not real, or I would not call it illusion. It is just a dream. Look on it now with Me. The prostitute sitting on the beast represents illusion sitting on the belief that supports it. It is this foundation that you must look at now. Turn your eyes from the glitter and distractions of the illusion and look at the beast on which it sits. The beast, as you can clearly see, is the belief in individual separateness. It is the belief that there is a "you" and an "I," an "us" and a "them," a "this" and a "that over there." It is the belief that there is no connection and everything that is experienced is separate from the one who believes he experiences it.

(v 7, 8) The beast once was and now is not, because the beast never has been, The beast once was a thought, but it was an impossible idea. And so the thought never came to be. It only came to be as a belief, but what is believed is not that which is known as true.

The belief must come up again, because it has not been let go. But it comes up only that it may be dismissed as false. 'There is no other reason to look at the belief. It can have no other purpose, since it isn't anything that is real.

(v 9 - 11) This calls for wisdom, and wisdom is not thinking, for thinking cannot teach you to understand. Thinking was made to block understanding, because understanding is the knowledge of what is.

It is time for you to remember all that I have taught, without question and without doubt at all. The dream and its illusion come from a question. The answer to the question was made. That which was made is what you call thinking. It was a split from all that is, because it was a toy that denied the truth from which it came. And so it appeared to be that which it wasn't at all.

Your thinking is the block that keeps you from seeing your truth, because your thinking is the veil that you made. It allows illusion without facing truth. It permits belief in all that isn't true. This is why I said you must become the empty shell. Your thinking will not teach you to know. This is because you made your thinking to teach you to experience know not.

(v 12 - 14) The thinking mind will not rest of its own will. You cannot wait for it. The thinking mind rests only of your own Will, and through rest is your Will known.

(v 15 - 18) Тhе illusion will not suffer your decision to rest, for the illusion is of the mind. Rest in peace, and peace shall be experienced. This is the way to learn the Will to rest.

NTI Revelation, Chapter 18

(v 1 - 3) Babylon the Great is the great illusion. For the illusion is the manifestation of the belief that it supports. Without differences, there is no illusion. Without separateness, there is only one.

(v 4 - 8) How shall you see the illusion now? With eyes of true beauty and the gratitude of Heart. What shall you give to illusion, which you suddenly realize is not real? You shall give it that which it is, and that is the love due Heaven.

(v 9 - 10) The illusion shall not suffer. The illusion shall be transformed. What was becomes the symbol of what is, and what is is celebrated with gratitude and love.

(v 11 - 13) The illusion shall disappear, because it is illusion no more. It is now a symbol of all that is. It is now a symbol of the beauty and love of You.

(v 14 - 16) In one instant, all that is seen is transformed; all that was valued is gone. And in its place is the reflection of true beauty, which leaves you speechless and grateful to be One.

(v 17 - 20) In an instant, a smile is born. In an instant is all gratitude born. For that which is false is seen no more. That which cannot be is realized to never have been true.

(v 21 - 24) And in an instant shall this song be sung:

Illusion is gone, never to be seen again, 
The music of harpists and musicians, 
flute players and trumpeters is all these ears can know. 
No more work or straggle to see what isn't there. 
Only laughter and joy can be known now, 
The tight of the world shines within my mind. 
Our oneness is all that I see, 
Only oneness is reflected in me.