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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Revelation
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Revelation, Chapter 14

(v 1 - 5) It is your true desire that will lead you Home, just as it is true desire that has led you to this point in your willingness, understanding and acceptance. I have already told you that the 144,000 represents the lessons you have learned. It is acceptance of these lessons as truth that shields you from any perceived attack, because it is the acceptance of these lessons that teaches perceived attack is unreal. Hold to these lessons and your true desire as you step forward within the recesses of the mind. Be grateful, because you are letting go of all that is false so only the reflection of truth shall be known.

(v 6, 7) The hour of God's judgment is the hour of your release. For this is the hour when, filled with the faith in God that comes from the knowledge of truth within, you shall say "no" to all that is false. This is the hour of putting aside all that is not real, so only the reflection of realness can be experienced within the mind.

(v 8) Babylon the Great represents differences. And so the second angel sang in joy, "Fallen! Fallen are all differences which confused the mind and made it blind."

(v9 - 12)The third angel only emphasizes choice. To continue to worship judgment is to continue to experience the effects of judgment This point is made to help you sees clearly, your desire to choose not to judge anymore.

(v 13) Blessed are the ones who choose to lay down judgment and die the judge's deaths. For to die the judged death is to walk away from judgments. To walk away from judgment is to walk the way of Life. Rest the mind. Become the empty shell. Let all that was you go, so all that you are may be known.

(v 14 - 16) When judgment has been let go, you are ready to step forward into the remaining recesses of the mind. This is the time of harvests so this is the time when the wheat is separated from the chaff, the true from the false.

Do not make the mistake of seeing the harvest as an event in your futures, for always the harvest is now. There is no time end there is no future. To wait on time is to delay the harvest, which is now.

Always, it is now, so always, it is time to let go of judgment and look at the darkness hiding in the recesses of the mind.

(v 17 - 20) You fear the harvest, because you fear it is your death. This fear only comes from a judgment you have heaped upon your Self. Remember there is no mind that judges except for the mind that is yours.

When you fear death, realize the judge has been allowed to be resurrected. Step back within the mind and lay the judge to test. Then continue with the harvest in joy and without tear.

NTI Revelation, Chapter 15

(v 1 - 4)The walk within the recesses of the mind is not a struggle, Whenever you notice the feeling of struggle, you know that the desire for resistance has taken hold. Rest yourself ft moment, and remember that willingness does not struggle. Let the struggle fade away and return yourself to the true desire of the Heart.

(v 5 - 8) The seven angels are dressed in white, which represents perfection and innooence. The golden sashes represent holiness. Together, the seven angels represent your truth. Keep your eyes fixed on them. The seven bowls are said to contain God's wrath. But I tell you, the seven bowls are empty. Have faith in Me, and you will not experience that which isn't there.

NTI Revelation, Chapter 16

(v 1 - 6) It is time to be quiet and still the mind. Within the stillness, there is a rustling, but what you hear and feel is the rustling of illusion. Still the mind in faith that the rustling is illusion. Let the rustling rustle, but hold only to the thought of stillness. Be still. In this way, you do not acknowledge illusion. In this way you do not acknowledge it as true. In this way. you do nothing. And nothing is the acknowledgment that nothing is due.

(v 7) Let peace rule the mind as all that is not true moves on through.

(v 8,9) God is Love. In silence, let this Love be known, (v 10 - 11) Heaven is all that is. And all that is is realized through the passing of what is not.

(v 12 - 14) Your belief comes from your faith. When you notice a belief in illusions, ask where your faith is now. Faith comes from desire. You know your true desire now. In questioning your faith, you remember your desire. In remembering desire, you loosen your grip on belief.

(v 15) Fear is merely illusion that indicates you have slipped into judgment again. Wake yourself up and remember the stillness. In remembering is all fear undone.

(v 16) Resting in faith and trust is the answer to all that arises. In willingness, and through true desire, prepare to become the empty shell.

(v 17-21) Nothing is happening in the mind when anything but Love is perceived. Be willing to loosen the hold on nothing, by trusting the stillness, which nothing is not.

Trust within the stillness. Your true peace is known here. Trust within the stillness until the images of the mind have been transformed.