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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Revelation
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Revelation, Chapter 12

(v 1 - 6) Everything that you are reading is about you. Everything that you experience is a reflection of your mind. In realizing this, there is no fear. There is only wonder. And there is the opportunity to realize that everything is dependent on your choice, because you are the one who chooses. The woman and her child are one. To separate them is to separate you. But the dragon is not separate from you either. This is why you have a choice. Everything that is experienced is experienced through your mind. "And you may choose what, within the mind, shall be the ruler of all experience.

(v 7 - 9) The world seems real and concrete to you, but even this is within your mind. The world was made real by the mind, so that it could choose to experience that which it chose to experience while also denying its ability to be the one that chooses. This is an ability that you must reclaim and take back, because this is an ability that has never been lost. To deny that choice is yours, is to be lost by your own choice. To accept choice as freedom is to reclaim the way to be found.

(v 10 - 12) Accepting choice is accepting the way of salvation. Accepting choice is accepting how all experience is made. In accepting choice, you are accepting that you are experience's maker, and in doing this, can all previous choice be undone.

"Woe to the earth and the sea" is merely misperception. Rejoice that you shall see the choices you have made. It is this that enables you to decide to choose again.

(v 13 - 17) All that you shall face cannot harm you. You need only to remember this in order to face it without fear. Be glad that you are choosing to see the end of perception. Be happy that you have walked to this point of being willing to choose again.

NTI Revelation, Chapter 13

(v 1 - 4) The beast that comes out of the sea is your judgment against your Self. Do not look away from this beast, for it is important that you see him. ALL that seems to be made through the belief in fear and guilt starts here, upon this judgment. To let go of everything else, you must be willing to let go here. If you choose not to let go here, you choose to let go of nothing. Men worship the dragon, which is the perception of fear and guilt, because they worship the beast, which is self-judgment. Notice the questions that are asked, and realize it is you who asks these questions: "Who is like the beast? Who can make war against him? "

Realize how faithful you are to your own judgment. "Accept it folly as yours. Only by seeing it and accepting it for all that it is, can you realize it need not be and fully let it go.

(v 5 - 10) If you will read verses five through ten and realize they are talking about you and your judgment against your Self, you will see much that you need to see. You will be able to accept that which you must let go if you are to know your Self as the absolute freedom that you are.

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(v 11,12) The other beast, which comes out of the earth, is guilt. If you recognize that guilt supports Self judgment, you recognize that guilt is not real.

(v 13-18) Look at verses thirteen through eighteen and realize this is written about you and your belief in guilt. See what you will see, so that you can choose to let this belief go.

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