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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Revelation
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Revelation, Chapter 8

(v 1 -13) Do not let fear block your sight. There is nothing to fear. When you believe there is, you feel the effects of fear. When you realize there is only Love, the illusion of fear dies.

All meaning comes from the mind. All meaning comes from the mind.

This is repeated, because if you believe meaning comes from anything else, you are mistaken. You have applied meaning and then denied that the meaning was given by you. In this way, you choose fear, because you choose to believe that you are what you are not. Therefore, you choose to believe that you can die. It is time to look within the mind at the beliefs you hold there.

The seventh seal is meaningless. Everything associated with the seventh seal has no meaning at all. In this realization, you free yourself to look at the events associated with the seventh seal and to ask, "What meaning am I seeing in this?" As you ask this question, look deeply at the hidden beliefs within your mind. Know that it is your mind. Do not deny that it is.

The time has come to look and to release from the mind that which is in the mind that teaches only fear.

What do you see in your mind when you read Revelation, Chapter 8? What meaning are you giving the words that are written there? What beliefs within your mind need to be let go and healed?

- - - Suggestion: Answer the questions in the previous paragraph before continuing - - -

NTI Revelation, Chapter 9

(v 1 - 6) The words within this passage are also meaningless. Only interpretation can be given to them. The "abyss" is the recesses of your mind where you still hold to beliefs that you do not desire to hold to anymore. Now that you are free of the desire to maintain those beliefs, you are free of the beliefs. They cannot be maintained against your will. It is important to go into the abyss and look for what is hiding there. The beliefs that you have chosen against can hide like cobwebs until you see them and brush them away from the mind.

The smoke that rises out of the abyss is distraction. Do not look at it now. Look past the smoke, deep into the abyss. With clarity and light, that which you seek to see shall indeed be seen. Nothing can stand in the way of the will of the Son of God.

(v 7 - 11) The locusts of this verse are only fearful if you choose to look at them as fearful. If you do, it is because you have chosen to see yourself as small. But I have not taught you that you are small. And I have not taught you that you can be hurt by locusts that represent fear. Fear can only hold you back if you choose to let it. If you choose, you can also walk right through fear. Look! The locusts are ready to step aside and let you pass.

(v 12) Fear has not stopped you,
so there can be nothing to fear.

(v 13 - 21) Standing beyond the fear in the abyss of your mind, guilt rises up to greet you. At first, you may not see it, as it is well hidden within the mind. But if you look, trusting it is there, guilt shall step out and find you. At first its hold may seem to strangle you. And you may feel as if you have been caught. But then remember your mission within the recesses of the mind. You are here to clear away the guilt. In trust and peace, kneel down and let the guilt rise over you. If you do not call to it in faith, it will pass you by.

NTI Revelation, Chapter 10

(v 1 - 11) This scripture is also meaningless. To look for inherent meaning where there is none is to look outside your Self for the Source of all meaning. To look outside your Self is to deny what you are. The time for denial has ended. The time for acceptance is now.

Trust your Self. Seek only that which is truly helpful and ask for the interpretation of Revelation, Chapter that would be given to you now.

---Suggestion: Read & ask for an interpretation
from the inner Voice before continuing---

NTI Revelation, Chapter 11

(v 1 - 10) The measuring rod represents the measure of your desires. The temple and its worshippers represent the desires at the core of the heart. The outer court represents the world, which is only distraction. Sit quietly with yourself and enter into the inner chamber of your heart. Tbke the measuring rod. Take note of the worshippers and measure the desire as you find it there, Do not deny that resistance still worships at the inner chamber of the heart. Take note of the worshippers as you find them. But use the measuring rod to see which desire leads you now.

It is the true desire that rises up in joy within the heart. Greet your true desire within the heart. In joy, join with it there. The two witnesses represent the joint Will of the Holy Spirit and the Son of God. This is true desire picked up and merged with the one who desires it above all else. No will can overcome that of true desire, because any other will is the false will of illusion. Illusion cannot stand up against truth, so it is illusion that must crumble and die. ''There may be a time that the joint Will seems overcome by the beast of guilt and fear, but this is only an illusion within an illusory battle. It is the joint Will that has called forth the beast, so that the beast may be coaxed out of hiding.

(v11, 12) It is the joint Will that gives breath to Itself. In this way, it cannot die. For that which gives Life at will may call upon Life, and Life will come to rescue it from a seemingly dark grave. Remember this. It is your true desire, recognized as true desire by you, that will see you through the darkness found within the recesses of the mind. If the darkness seems to be too much to bear, call upon your Self and your true desire. You shall be lifted up from the darkness into the Light that shines from within your own true desire.

(v 13, 14) Do not stop looking, Will that healing continues. The darkness is being healed by the Light you carry with you.

(v 15) Rest the mind, and reclaim your trust. In trust and true desire, you move forward for the healing of the mind.

(v 16 - 18) This is a time for gratitude and rejoicing. The mind is being healed of that which is false. And the Light that has shined forever is shining brightly now to be seen.

(v 19) In gladness and true desire, the Son of God prepares to welcome his Self in joy.