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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Revelation
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Revelation, Chapter 6

(v 1, 2) The first of the seven seals on the scroll of Life represents that which must always come first. The rider of the white horse "bent on conquest" represents full dedication to the true desire of the heart.

I have spoken of this to you before, but it cannot be overemphasized, especially now.

It is the desire that you allow which leads you.

And so if you want to be led in a straight-line without delay, you must allow the true desire to lead without distraction. Stay fully focused on one desire now. 'That is to "ride out as a conqueror bent on conquest."

(v 3,4) The second seal represents that which is not true, but seems true within the mind. This is the symbol of fear hidden by the mask of ferociousness. This image is only an image within the mind, and its reality is naught. Through the process of looking at it, this image shall be let go.

(v 5, 6) The third seal represents judgment, which maintains the illusion of the world. It is judgment that separates and makes separateness seem real. The scales of judgment must be laid aside.

(v 7,8) The fourth seal represents death, which is the symbol of the illusion of separateness. For life cut off from Life can only be death, so death is a fitting symbol of that which cannot be true.

(v 9 - 11) The fifth seal represents the options of fear and trust. In the moment of not knowing, this is the choice that must be made. You must choose to trust that which you do not know, or choose to fear it. In this choice is everything that follows given.

(v 12 - 14) The sixth seal represents the end of perception. The way you see shall be based on how you have chosen. You shall see illusion, which has stepped forward to be released. Or you shall see fear made real, and you shall run from it.

(v 15 - 17) Fear shall not be your victory. In making this choice, you shall know that you have chosen death. But even this is an illusion, as anything that is not Love is not real. You experience the effects of fear, because you have chosen the effects of fear. In seeing this and knowing the gratitude of the truth is true, you offer yourself the opportunity to step back and choose once again.

NTI Revelation, Chapter 7

(v 1 - 4) The purpose of these verses is to again assure you that there is nothing to fear. The four angels who are holding back the winds represent the holding back of the end of perception. The end of perception is held back...it does not come to you to be looked at and let go...until you are ready and call it forth in your mind.

This is the seal of the 144,000. The seal represents readiness and the 144,000 represent the lessons you have learned as you have prepared yourself to choose between that which seems real, but isn't, and that which is truly and enduringly truth.

(v 5 - 8) Each of the tribes of Israel represents a lesson category. Each lesson has been taught until you have taken it in and learned it fully, so that the lessons themselves are like a shield that protects you from anything you may experience as you face the end of perception. The twelve lessons are these:

1. You are innocent.

2. You are the Son of God, and everything you experience is a gift to yourself.

3. You choose the purpose for everything you see, and the purpose you choose is the one that is given to it.

4. Purpose is based on desire. Since there is only one true desire, there is only one true purpose, Anything else is illusion.

5. You are never alone. Separation is false. The Light in the mind lends you its strength, because the Light in the mind is your strength.

6. The illusion of the world is false. It only seems real, because you have given it your belief. But by withholding your belief, its realness must fade.

7. Your faith and trust is everything, for that which you put faith in, you will experience. This is because you are the Son of God.

8. Your true desire is Know thy Self. Any other desire is the desire not to Know thy Self, which is to choose lack and fear. You are ready to put aside the temporary experience of lack and fear and to know the completeness of truth once again.

9. Anything that is not truth is illusion. To choose illusion is to choose fantasy, but fantasy cannot change the truth.

10. Fantasy is spun within the thinking mind. By allowing the thinking mind to spin, you choose fantasy. By allowing the thinking mind to rest, you choose truth.

11. Everything that you experience is Love. There is not one exception to this statement. If you believe you look on that which is not Love, you are misperceiving. To see and to know Love as it is, let go of your misperception.

12. Oneness is all that is true now. The belief in separation has always been false, so anything that is seen through the lens of that belief must be false also. There is not one exception to this statement.

These twelve lessons prepare you to choose only that which is true.

(v 9,10) The joy of Heaven is inexplicable as you step forth to choose Heaven once again. For in Heaven there is the knowledge that Heaven is your truth, and in choosing Heaven you shall know Heaven as your reality and your joy.

(v 11, 12) In Heaven there is one gratitude. This gratitude is for Heaven as it is. This gratitude is joined, and this gratitude is shared. For in Heaven there can be nothing that is apart from the reality of all that is.

(v 13 - 17)

And the Light of Heaven is seen
to be that which is your Self. Its joy is your joy. 
Its gratitude is your gratitude.
Its oneness is your oneness, and its Love is your Self.
 Never have you been separate from Heaven, 
and never has Heaven been separate from you. 
For how can one, even for a moment, 
be separate from the one that is His Self?

In this knowledge is all joy. In this knowledge is all peace. In this knowledge is fear wiped out forever, because in this knowledge it is seen that it is impossible that there could be anything separate from you to fear.