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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Revelation
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 14 - 16) Put your fear of Me aside. For your fear of Me is but imagined. You imagine the confusion in you is truth and that I will punish you for your confusion, but this is nothing but evidence that the voice of confusion has your ear. Put that aside. Know that listening to confusion can never be helpful, since it only leads deeper into confusion. Trust Me enough to listen to Me over the voice for confusion. Through this, you shall learn that clarity is clear, and confusion muddles all that is available to be seen.

(v 17) He who has an ear, let him hear. You may choose trust or you may choose fear. One is light and the other is darkness, so one will bring you joy and the other will lead to suffering. Look carefully upon the choice that is offered you, and choose wisely with your Heart. You know which choice to make. It is not a mystery, because you do know what you are. Choose with the Heart, and then hold to your choice as a white stone that is precious because your true Name is written upon it and known as truth by you.

(v 18,19) I know your truth. You must hold with Me to this knowing of your truth as we look at all that is not true. As you remember your truth and hold to Me, nothing shall shake you. For nothing can shake the truth from the mind when the truth is held to as all that is in the mind as true.

(v 20 - 25) Within your mind, coming from the voice of confusion, there is a deep belief in your own guilt. Trust Me that this belief is in your mind and that you will see it and feel it as we step forward. The fear that you know comes from the guilt that is hidden. Without the guilt, there can be no fear.

Trust Me. The fear that you know seems real, because the guilt seems real also. Fear may be let go, but as it is, the guilt shall rise to greet you. When you see it, you will wish again for the fear, for the fear protected you from having to look at the guilt The guilt comes with great pain and the strong feeling of sacrifice. Hold to Me as we look at the guilt. It is not real, although it has been believed. We must look at it and release it together. ' If we do not do this, the belief in guilt remains. If the feeling of guilt is kept, you cannot know the peace of knowing your Self as you are, because you have chosen to know your self as you are not.

(v 26)There is nothing to fear. By trusting Me to the end through all that we seem to experience, you will learn this is true, and you shall rejoice unto Heaven.

(v 27) The pieces shall be picked up and the desire to rule shall be laid down, because you shall know the freedom that is your truth, and you shall not seek to know freedom as if it is less than all that it is.

(v 28, 29) The clarity that comes when the guilt has been released is the freedom and clarity of the morning star. Seek only for this freedom, and let no fear stand in your way. He who has an ear, let him rejoice.

NTI Revelation, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 3)Your guilt comes from your judgment, and so at some point you must come face-to-face with the harshness of your judgment against yourself. This may seem to be a very difficult time, as the feeling of guilt will be strong. It will cry out that the judgment against yourself is correct. But you must stand firm with Me, and trust this is not so.

(v 4 - 6) You will seem to come to this point of facing your judgment alone. There will be a temptation to believe that you alone are the sinner of all times. Do not listen to this temptation. You are looking at the belief in separateness. It is time to see that nothing within this belief is true.

He who has an ear, let him hear.

(v 7 - 10) I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. Keep your eyes fixed on the door as you go through your final temptations. Remember that no one can keep you from walking through that door but you. HoId to My strength, knowing it is also your strength. The time of trials cannot last, and when the time of trials has ended, the trials shall be no more.

(v 11 - 13) The moment of joy is at hand. When the trials seem heavy and you feel that you can hardly bear it, remember that the moment of joy is at hand. When all trials pass, you shall know your Self as a pillar of Light shining for all who will look to see. You shall know your Name, and you shall know the Name of everyone. You will not doubt again, because the time of doubt will have ended forever.

He who has an ear, let him rejoice!

(v 14 - 20) The world is your shepherd when you believe you are little and small. You look to it for protection when you believe that protection is what you need. But when you have left these beliefs behind as tiny wisps of air that are not noticed, you shall see the world differently. It shall not be your shepherd. It shall be your banquet table. And at this table, you shall feast daily, joyously with Me.

(v 21,22) The world shall be transcended through your decision to let it go. For when you have finished with the feast, you shall walk happily away from the table. At that time, you shall truly know what it means to be one with Me.

He who has an ear, let him hear and rejoice!