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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 2 John
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 2 John

(v 1 - 3) "To the chosen lady and her children" is a reference to the Holy Spirit within. It is to this Voice that I speak, because it is this Voice within that recognizes Me.

(v 4 - 6) You recognize your own Thoughts, which are of Me. But now it is time that you also recognize these Thoughts are of you. Any separation that you thought existed between you and Me does not exist, and this is why you recognize Me. Your own Holy Spirit recognizes Me as Itself, and it bids you, "Look, and welcome." The time has come to walk in love. I have already told you that Love is all that you are capable of. And yet you do not see it always, because you do not always listen to your own Holy Spirit. The time has come to listen only to your Holy Spirit. This is what I mean when I ask you to listen to Me. This is what I mean when I ask you to walk in love. Listen only to your own Holy Spirit, and you look on the world through only the eyes of Love.

(v 7 - 11) To listen only to the Holy Spirit is a decision that you make. is a commitment to yourself to no longer listen to or be distracted by the false. It is a promise to be aware of truth in every moment and to let every thought that is not of truth go. It is a commitment to walk in a straight line through the power of your own choice.

(v 12, 13) This is all I have to say to you now:

I ask you to take this commitment deep into your heart as a promise to yourself. When other voices arise that do not speak of this commitment, dismiss them in peace, simply because they do not speak of that which you truly want. Remain fully focused on one goal now. Let nothing distract you from this goal. Have eyes only for truth and ears only for Me. Listen in quiet. I am within you always. I am the Voice that knows who you are, because I am your true Voice. Amen.