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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 1 John
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 1 John, Chapter 4

(v 1 - 3) Dear child, I have already told you that the work to be done is the sorting of thoughts. This includes the sorting of feelings, beliefs and images. Everything that you experience within the dream of the world comes from one of two sources: The thinking mind, which is the mask of separation, or the Holy Spirit, which is the true desire of the Heart.

Every thought, every feeling, every belief that you seem to live by and every image that you seem to see or hear speaks the thoughts of one source or the other. Your role is to discern the source of the thought, feeling, belief or image, and then decide if you will accept what it teaches based upon the source.

(v 4 - 6) We are of God, and so we have within us the inherent ability to recognize the Source that comes from God and the source that teaches God is naught. You must only feel, within the presence of your awareness, the message that you are considering now, and the feeling you know within will tell you which source you are considering now. The feelings of peace, acceptance, trust and joy witness to the true desire of the Heart, for recognition of this desire brings forth the feelings of recognition. If a thought, belief or image is not aligned with true desire, the feelings within will not be the feelings of recognition. They will be fearful feelings, such as guilt, hatred and the feelings of death. When these feelings are upon you, you are looking at a source that is not true. You may rejoice in the recognition that, because it is not true, you may simply lay it aside.

The Awareness of God looks on nothing that is false, so all that is false need not be looked on by you.

(v 7 - 12) Love is all that there is. This is a fact you may put your faith in. When any thought does not feel like Love, you may put it aside as false. Thoughts that are not Love are thoughts such as these: lack, limits, competition, victimhood, personhood, strife, and fighting, sickness, death, rage, and sorrow, helplessness, hopelessness, control and loss. These are thoughts that imply separateness, and separateness is illusion. So these thoughts and thoughts that seem like them are not the thoughts of Love. They are false thoughts of illusion.

God is Love, and Love is everything. The thoughts of everything are these: acceptance, joy, gratitude, peace and welcome.

There is no resistance in Love, because Love is everything, and everything cannot be resisted by that which it is.

(v 13 - 16) God cannot be denied fully, because God is the truth that is the core of you. To deny God is to deny your Self, and this cannot be denied fully, because to deny it fully would be to deny existence. Existence cannot be denied, because it is.

Look at this, and know your salvation is at hand:

 Existence cannot be denied, because it is.

"This is the truth that sets you free. In accepting this thought, which cannot be denied in any present moment, you accept that God is and you are one with God. In this thought, you accept your Self, and you do it with the joy of recognition! Now that you have accepted your Self, follow your Self Home to the full and complete awareness that is God.

(v 17) In this way, Love is made complete, not within reality, for in reality Love is always complete. But in this way, Love is made complete within your own awareness, and when Love is complete within your awareness, there is no awareness that is not Love.

(v 18) Fear disappears within the awareness of Love, because within the awareness of Love there is also the knowledge that there can never be anything to fear.

(v 19)

 We Love, because we are Love,
and Love is all that we are capable of.

(v 20 - 21) To love God is to know God, and to know God is to love all things, because all things come from God, which is Love. To not love is to believe in falsehood. This is merely misperception, since all that is is all that is, and all that isn't, never was.

NTI1 John, Chapter 5

(v 1 - 5) The symbol of seeing Jesus as the Christ is the same as seeing all brothers as the Christ, for the seeing that recognizes the Christ is not without, but it is within. When you see the Christ is you, you see the Christ in everyone and everything. And when you see the Christ in anyone, you also see the Christ in you. This is what is meant by "transcend" or "overcome" the world. It is when you see the world, and yet you see beyond the world, so that you know what it is that you see and you are no longer fooled by the images of the world.

(v 6 - 12) God has given eternal Life, and this Life is His Son. To understand this is to understand everything, and to understand everything is to love everything. There is no judgment when you see through the eyes of God, for through the eyes of God you see nothing to judge. You see only perfection, and you know that the perfection you see is God.

(v 13 - 15) In seeing God and in knowing God, confidence is also known. For in seeing God and in knowing God, one knows that he receives only as he has asked. In knowing this, his desire to know anything that is different from this fact is taken away, because to remember the truth is to want only the truth, and to want only the truth is a gratitude that desires nothing different than what is.

(v 16, 17) Sin does not lead to death, because sin is misperception and death is not real. In seeing this, you see God, and in seeing God, you see this.

(v 18 - 20) We know only that the truth is true, but in knowing this is all Knowledge given, for there is nothing else to know. In seeing this is all Sight given, for there is nothing else to see. And in hearing this is all Hearing given, for there is nothing else to hear.

(v 21) Do not let your desire rest on knowledge or experience that is not truth. Seek only truth and the truth shall find you. This is why I have said, "Knock, and the door shall be opened." Amen.