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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 1 John
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 1 John, Chapter 1

(v 1 - 4) We proclaim the Word of Life. This is a sentence of Self acceptance. This is a sentence that comes upon your heart as you look within and see that which you find there. That which you find is Love, and it is you. That which you find is Life, and it is you. That which you find is beyond description, and so we simply call it "the Word," and that which you find is you.

(v 5 - 7) "God is Light; in Him there is no darkness at all." What, then, is God?

God is an awareness that is pure, because it looks on only that which is wholly true.

This is God. And God, as an awareness, exists within you.

(v 8 - 10) God is our own soul, the heart of our truth, the Spirit that endures forever without end. God is all that is true, and that which is true overlooks the false, because the false has no meaning in the Light of truth.

To Know thy Self, return the mind to God. This is done in a moment of peace when God is your only desire.

NTI 1 John, Chapter 2

(v 1,2) My dear child, look within and see that you have not sinned. Look within and see that you have taken the sins of the world upon your breast and held them there. And then realize what Jesus did. He released the sins of the world as illusion, accepted the face of Christ and returned himself to the Awareness of God.

(v 3 - 6) We know that we have come to know Christ as we practice the teachings of Christ. The teachings of Christ are these: I am Christ I am all that is perfect, and all that is perfect is in me. I am in the Father and the Father is in me. All that I am not is illusion, and I am all that I can.

(v 7, 8) It is true that this is not a new command, for this is what has always been true. The darkness is passing, and the true Light has always been shining.

(v 9 - 11 ) Let the darkness pass, and do not allow sorrow to come over you. The darkness must pass in order for you to see the Light, and you must see the Light in order to embrace it

How shall you know if you stand within the Light or stumble within the dark? There is one simple test, and this simple test shall never fail.

Ask yourself honestly how you feel about your brother.

If there is one brother whom you do not love truly, you are lost within darkness. Rest yourself, and let the darkness pass. For beyond the darkness of illusion there lives only the Light of truth.

Do not reach for the darkness, and it will pass. When the Light streams through and reaches for you, embrace it.

(v 12 - 14) Have faith in your Self. When the feelings of darkness are upon you and you feel the burden and pain of guilt, have faith in your Self. You are the Light that lives beyond the darkness. Do not be fooled by the illusion of pain. In resting yourself you are healing yourself, and a great dawning is about to occur.

Trust your Self, and trust the healing process, which you have chosen.

(v 15 - 17) Do not love the world or value anything of the world. When you are distracted by the world, you forget to focus on your healing. In your forgetfulness, the dark clouds of illusion are not let go. How can they be let go when the Son of God has decided to place his desire with illusion?

(v 18 - 23) Illusion can be recognized in your heart by the priorities you place on all that you see. If anything in the world has more priority than another thing, you are desiring within the world and you have asked to experience illusion. If all things within the world have the same priority, and only your relationship with Me stands apart in your mind, you are letting go of illusion and the clouds of darkness are passing.

(v 24,25) What you have heard from the beginning remains in you and it shall always be with you, even through your illusion. For that which you heard was love, and it remains, as always, the calling of your Heart.

(v 26,27) You are led astray only by your own false desires so that you always follow yourself. When you have gone into the darkness and seem to be away from Love, remember that Love is always there. Stand quietly, desiring only Love, and let Love become in you.

(v28) Stand quietly, and rest in faith and trust, that darkness may pass, and Light may become in you.

(v 29) Have faith in the Light and hold only unto the Light. It is by holding only to Light that Light is all you shall see.

NTI1 John, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 3) The Awareness of God is an awareness that is pure and looks on only that which is wholly true. This awareness is within you. It is the core of what you are. It is in operation as God now. However, you are not aware of your God-awareness because you have allowed that which is false to be held in your mind as true. This is what is meant by "purify yourself." You must make the decision to release all that is not true from the mind, because that which is not true is false, and so it is an obstacle to the total awareness of truth.

(v 4 - 6) Sin is a false idea. Sin is false because the idea it supports is also false. And that is the idea that you are separate from one another and from God. There is no greater falsity than this, for there has never been a moment in which separation existed. Reparation as a fact is impossible, because it goes against the very nature of what you are. It goes against the nature of what Life is, and so separation cannot be.

(v 7 - 10) Dear child, do not be led astray by your own confusion. There is no sin in the world, because there is no separation. The world that you see comes from the thoughts that you think. The thoughts that you think seem to be more than the thoughts that you perceive as in your mind alone. That is because you are not "your mind alone." There is no one mind alone, separate from other minds that are also alone. This is illusion. The belief in separation is the false thought that can never be true.

(v 11 - 15) False thoughts are all thoughts that are based on the idea of separateness. False thoughts include, but are not limited to, thoughts of guilt, attack, fear, hatred and regret. All of these thoughts imply that there is a mind that is separate from yours with separate will and desire. All of these thoughts imply a conflict now, in the future or in the past. All of these thoughts are mistaken, because none of these thoughts are based on truth. All that is true is oneness and the activity of oneness, which is Love. Love is the only fact, because oneness is all that is true. You need not worry that you do not love your brother in truth, because Love is all that you are capable of. You only need ask, "Am I aware of my Love?" If you are not, you are still believing that which is false.

(v 16 - 20) The thinking mind cannot know Love, because the thinking mind thinks apart from Love. This is a statement of concept, not truth, because in truth nothing is apart from Love. But this is a concept that is helpful, because it points toward truth, and the thinking from the thinking mind does not.

The thinking mind is confusion, because it is based on the belief in separation. It defines love as something one does to or for another, but whenever a thought of one and another is involved, the thought and knowledge of Love is lost. For Love is based on oneness, and anything that is not based on oneness is confusion that has forgotten the unbreakable law of Love.

(v 21 - 24) We obey God's commands and do what pleases Him because it is the nature of our existence. This is fact. This is Love. This is what we are and what we do, and there has never been a moment when this wasn't true. The thinking mind cannot follow this thought because the thinking mind believes in separation, and so it cannot see Love, which is not separation. One must surrender the thinking mind to know Love, because one must surrender the thinking mind to know that which isn't separation. That which isn't separation is oneness and truth, and that which is oneness and truth is that which is also Love.