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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 2 Peter
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 2 Peter, Chapter 1

(v 1, 2) It is time that we speak of abundance, for you do not know what abundance is. As you reach for true abundance, you accept everything as you. In this, there can be nothing that is missing.

(v 3, 4) Abundance is full awareness of your divine nature. Abundance cannot be defined in any other way. Abundance cannot be defined within the limits of the world, because abundance is unlimited and beyond all definitions. Do not look to the world in your imagination as you attempt to grasp the thought of abundance. Look away from the world and the thoughts of the world. For it is only by reaching beyond limits that the limitless can begin to be known.

(v 5 - 9) For this reason, quiet the mind whenever it seems to stretch to imagine abundance within the world. When the mind is stretching in this way it is stretching to limit itself even more. Rest the mind when it thinks of the world, and return the mind to the Heart. For the Heart knows not of the world or the limits of the world. The Heart knows only the song that it sings and that this is the song that whispers echoes of the thoughts of abundance.

(v 10, 11) It is the Heart that knows abundance, for abundance is not of the thinking mind. Whenever the thinking mind thinks it has understood and defined abundance, know that the thought of abundance has been lost. In that moment return the mind to the Heart, which does not define, and so it does know abundance.

(v 12 - 15) I am the memory of all that is true of you. This memory is kept within the Heart. Do not grasp at My memory with the thinking mind, for it has never been the Heart and so it cannot know the Heart as the Heart does. Instead, let the mind rest, that the Heart may rise into awareness, this way, your memory is returned to you. In this way, you recall the meaning and the flavor of abundance.

(v 16 - 18) It is through witness that you know. That which you taste as witness cannot be forgotten, for that which you witness is a part of you. Therefore, do not try to understand or comprehend or imagine without witnessing. Let go of trying, and relax into allowing. Through allowing, you shall witness. Through witnessing, you shall know.

(v 19 - 21)Within you there is a star. This star is a very bright Light. It was not made by you, but it was given to you as that which you could not lose. This is the key to your abundance. This is the prophecy that must be fulfilled, for this star is you, and it is all that is true about you. everything else emanates from the star, be it seen or unseen, perceived in truth or misperceived. But the star is your truth, and that is abundance.

Through knowing the star, you remember truth. Through truth, the meaning and understanding of abundance is known as a point of knowing that is beyond all possible definition.

NTI2 Peter, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 3) Your freedom comes from your abundance, because your freedom is your abundance. Understand that your abundance is not some future state of achievement, but that your abundance is now.

Teach yourself only that your abundance is now, without any separation from you, and you teach yourself everything that is true about you.

(v 4 - 10) The Light within your Heart is your truth. This is the star that is you. This is the seed that is at the root of all that you are. It is true that there also seems to be something else within you...something that does not seem to be light, but dark...something that feels like judgment and guilt. It is okay to let yourself be aware of this darkness. It is okay to stand within it for a moment and feel it. But then remember that I have taught you that the judgment comes only from you. Decide in that moment to choose to see your Self truly. Then reach within your mind, and turn on the Light.

Notice the joy that fills you as the truth that is your true nature fills every expanse of the mind. You are the star and the Light. In the presence of your true awareness, all darkness disappears forever, for it is naught.

(v 11, 12) Rest within this joy, for it is joy:

Your thinking mind does not understand. It is lost in a web of confusion from which it cannot find its way out.

This is good news, for when you understand that your thinking mind is confusion, you also realize that you need not listen to it. In that moment of realization, you are free.

(v 13 -16) In the joy of your freedom you can let the thinking mind lie down to rest. Without this mind you look on illusion and see that it is nothing to affect your smile. In your seeing, you love it. In your loving it, it disappears from what it seemed to be and is only that which it has always been.

(v 17 - 22) Springs without water and mists driven by storm are nothing but evaporation.

This is what illusions are as you see them through the joy of your truth. Peace is found in the abundance of the Heart, because in the awareness of your truth all other thoughts are laid to rest. There is no truth but You, and so there are no thoughts that have power over you. Rejoice in your abundance! You are everything and everything you see comes from you. This is the truth that sets you free.

NTI 2 Peter, Chapter 3

(v 1, 2) Remember within your mind that which you truly want. Remember the promise that your abundance is now. Have faith in your abundance, and use it to bring that which you truly desire into your awareness and also to let all else go. This is the path to your remembering, and it is the power of your own abundance that shall bring you there.

(v 3 - 7) That which you see is that which you see, because it is that which is in your mind.

This is the truth that has always been true. This is the fact that is changeless. It may also be said:

That which you experience is that which you have chosen to experience.

This is the sign of your abundance. This is the truth of what you are and what it is that you do. This is the only truth, since all else is changing and only that which is changeless can be called truth.

(v 8,9) The peace within you knows this truth and is grateful for it, for the peace within knows it is your own truth that is your salvation.

You are eternal, and that which is changeless is eternal with you because that which is changeless is what you are.

You are the process of creation that is God, and this process is eternal. This is your true abundance. True abundance is That Which you Are.

(v 10) There is nothing to fear because the peace within you knows the truth of you. It is peace that shall prevail beyond all illusions, which have forgotten you.

(v 11 - 13) Glory be to your peace, which is beyond all illusions. Through your choice, illusions of forgetfulness shall fade away. Through your remembrance, the joy and glory of your abundance shall be your only knowledge.

(v 14 - 16) Remain in peace within the quiet of your mind where your abundance is felt and known. Focus on your abundance. Ask it to lead you to salvation. Through thy own abundance, thy true Will shall be known.

(v 17,18) Thy true Will is this:

To Know thy Self.

To Know thy Self is to know thy truth, and to know thy truth is to recognize true abundance as it truly is. Amen.