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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 1 Peter
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 1 Peter, Chapter 1

(v 1, 2) "To God's elect, strangers in the world, scattered" is a reference to perception, not truth.

The time has come to release misperception, which does not point to truth, and accept gladly the knowledge of the Heart.

(v 3 - 9) One may rejoice over progress as he notices his perception is being healed. Transition from misperception to true perception is a glory that is to be. This is the symbol of your acceptance of your truth and of your true desire for that which has always been true. The transition to true perception is glory. Have gratitude for your Self and this miracle, which is the symbol of your own true desire.

(v 10 - 12) Be at peace in your gratitude for all that you are seeing now. You are embracing your Self. And this embrace is an enduring embrace, which cannot fade away. Allow it into your awareness, and you look upon the miracle that is occurring within your mind now. It is a miracle that shall not fade away, because it is but the reflection of your truth and your true desire.

(v 13 - 16)Be holy, because I am holy," is an acknowledgement of who you are. Accept your Self as you are, and that is the acceptance of "I am holy."

(v 17 - 21) You see your truth in the symbol of Jesus, because your truth is accepted in his way. It is the acceptance of "I am eternal." It is the acceptance of "I am with God." It is the acceptance of "I am in God, and God is one in me."

(v 22 - 25) The Word of God is you, and you are the extension of His Word so that all that you are, He is. And all that He is, so are you. This is the correction of perception. This is the expression of all that is true.

By trusting the Light, which cannot be defined, as you and the expansion of you, you reach into eternity with an arm that is already there.

NTI1 Peter, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 3) In truth you can rid yourself of nothing, for there is nothing to be rid of. You are pure and perfect and in communication now. Nothing has ever failed or gone wrong. It is perfect, as you are. If something seems to have gone wrong or seems to be less than perfect, you are seeing through a veil of misperception. It is only this veil that must be lifted, so you can see that it is all perfect, and it has always been.

(v 4 - 6) Love yourself. Do not seek outside of you for something that is better than you in which to love. Seek only within. For when you believe the symbol of love is outside of you, you also believe that you are not Love Itself. In this belief, you cannot find love. For what you see outside comes from what is valued within. If you value the belief that you are unlovable, a world without love is the world you shall see.

(v 7, 8) Everything that you see, and the way in which you see it, is a reflection of your feelings and your beliefs about you. There isn't a single exception to this statement, everything that you see is a reflection of how you see your Self.

(v 9, 10) Your perception is changing, and your experience of how you perceive the world is changing also, because you have become willing to experience yourself differently. As you allow change in your feelings regarding yourself, you allow change in your perception of the world, because the world is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings about you.

(v 11, 12) Look at the world now, and see it honestly. It is your roadmap to the awareness that you want to be, because it shows you where you must stop and look in order to continue the road to where you want to go.

(v 13 - 17) The world is a reflection of your mind. By seeing what you see in the world and by noticing and acknowledging your feelings about what you see, you find the misperceptions that are blinding you to your Self. If you resent this one's authority, you have a resentment against yourself. If you wish that one were different, you are not yet accepting the truth of you.

By looking at the world, you find your misperceptions. "Look now in willingness with a desire only that misperceptions be healed.

(v 18 - 21) Remember that nothing is brought to your attention except that you asked it to be brought to you. So when that thing that you do not like stands before you, and you feel the pain of seeing it as if it were something real, remember this:

What you are seeing is not real, but it is your gift to yourself You have given willingness to let go of misperceptions, so this one has stepped forward in gratitude. It is the symbol of your willingness that misperception be let go.

(v 22) Rest in the faith of your innocence. Let this misperception go, now, as it stands for you to see.

(v 23 - 25) What you see is what you see, because it is a reflection of what is in your mind.

What you see is not fact in that it cannot be changed or cannot be seen differently. What you see is only fact in that it is a fact that it is a reflection of what is in your mind now.

Accept this fact.

Look at the reflection and see what you did not see before. All that you see is in your mind, and you are the power that can change it. Is what you see that which you know to be your truth? If it is not, it is misperception, and it will fade away through your willingness to release it to do so.

NTI1 Peter, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 6)Be submissive to your true desire. In this way, you are submissive to your Holy Spirit, for your true desire is your Holy Spirit. True desire and Holy Spirit are inseparable.

Look within to the misperceptions that make you special. That is, those misperceptions that seem to hold you apart from the rest. They may seem to be misperceptions that make you better, such as talent or wisdom or love. Or they may seem to be misperceptions that make you less than, such as unworthiness, sacrifice or disdain. Whatever you see that seems to separate you from others is a misperception, and it has arisen within your awareness, that it may be let go through your decision to be free of it.

(v 7) In this way, look on everyone as the same as you with no difference that can be truly noted. When you see no difference between you and your brother, you shall see that you are the same. When you see that you are the same, you shall also see that you are one.

(v 8 - 12) There is no judgment in the world. There is only judgment within your mind. It is your judgment that shows you a world of judgment. It is your judgment that

gives you a world of pain.

Accept this fact. Everything you experience comes from you. There is not one exception to this statement. Therefore, everything you see, as you see it, is a gift given you, that you may see what is in your mind.

Look well, and remember that what you see comes from you. If it is not that which you would have yourself see, let what you see go and do not hold onto it.

(v 13 - 16) Always keep your true desire close in your mind. When you see a misperception and feel the confusion or guilt or fear that it seems to bring, drop to your knees in symbol of returning to the desire of the Heart. Quiet the mind in willingness to let the whispers of misperception go. Ask what it is that you truly want, and return your mind willingly to its Source. In this way, the misperception is released in faith and an answer, which is true perception, is given, that your mind may be given back to peace.

(v 17 - 22) It is through your release that misperception is taken away. When you choose to hold to misperception and you suffer with it willingly, you ask that it be given, and it is given as you ask. But when you let go of misperception and trust there is another way to see, misperception is released through your request, and the Light of Heaven shines on perception, that the Light of Heaven may be seen.

You have asked, and so you receive.

Remember this, that you may choose to ask differently. You are the leader of your own awakening. The gifts you are given are the gifts you have asked to receive.

NTI1 Peter, Chapter 4

(v 1 - 6) Man walks in fear without knowing what it is that he is fearing. He makes decisions to avoid his fear, only he cannot turn away from that which he cannot see. Because he is blind to it, it follows him. Because it follows him, he continues to run and hide. Fear is a misperception. It is a misperception because there is nothing to fear. What man runs from is his imagination, and in his running he imagines more. This is what Jesus taught as a man from the cross:

There is nothing to fear.

This is a lesson you have become ready to accept.

(v 7 - 11) To live without fear is to live without imagining. This is to stay in the now and in the heart of true desire. By keeping the mind in the now and in the true purpose of Know thy Self, there is no imagining, and so there is no imagining of fear. Whenever fear seems to come over you, ask, "What am I doing now?" You will see that you are imagining and that you are imagining fearfully. Remind yourself that in imagining fearfully, you are creating your own misperception. Be willing to let go of this activity, and the action of creating fear is let go by you. Fear is an action verb. By ceasing the action of participating, you cease the action of fear. This you can do by letting it rise over you without your participation. Return your mind to the current moment and the purpose of the true desire of the Heart. In this way, you return your mind to Love. A mind in tune with Love cannot know fear because fear, which is not real, is the opposite of Love, just as unreality is the opposite of reality.

(v 12 - 17) Fear comes from judgment, which is also imagination, but it is imagination you have declared real. This is where you must stop and learn the difference between what is real and what is unreal.

Unreality is illusion, and illusion is everything that you experience now. There is nothing that you experience within the mind of you as a person that is real. Every thought that comes from the mind of the person is misperception, because the belief that you are a person is the greatest misperception of all. You are not a person now, and you have not been a person before. There is no person from this lifetime or any other that you must let go of, because there has never been a person. There has only been the thought of persons, and the thought of persons is not real.

You have judged the thought of person as something that is real and separate from God. You have judged the person as having life that is cut off from Life, and so it cannot survive. And you have placed your mind within this person and said, "This is all that I am," so that you have limited yourself to your judgment. This is why you live in fear. The judgment of "person" you have deemed condemned, and then you have declared, "I am no more than my own judgment." But now I ask you to look at this thought with the eyes of reality:

One cannot place judgment on all that he is, so he must not be limited by that which he has judged.

What does this mean? It means that you believe in illusion, but illusion is not the truth of you. It means that you look on misperception, but you are the one that declares misperception is true.

(v 18, 19) You hate yourself for what you have done, but this is because you think you have done something real. I say, you have not done something real, nor are you the one that you think has done it.

Step back from illusion and rest with Me, for you are lost within a web of misperception. By letting go of what you think you know, I can show you what you do not see.

NTI 1 Peter, Chapter 5

(v 1 - 4) You are the leader of your own awakening. Lead yourself, not by guilt, but by willingness.

Guilt is the witness to your misperception. By following the feeling of guilt, you stay within the web of misperception.

Willingness is the witness to your Light. By following your willingness, you are led from the confusion of misperception into the clarity of Light.

(v 5) Follow the true desire of your Heart. Stay with it, and do not let it out of your sight. In this way, you are not confused by goals that seem grand, but lurk within the shadows of misperception. You stay focused with the beacon of Light, and you walk through misperception without being distracted by it.

(v 6, 7) Trust is the armor of the righteous.

Humble yourself in trust "under God's mighty hand." Let all of your fears go, because they serve no purpose that you desire. Walk in peace with peace as your only shield. This is the way of trust.

(v 8, 9) Be kind and gentle with yourself, forgiving your misperceptions as they seem to come upon you. Misperceptions are to be let go because they are not true. This is the path that leads you from misperception to true perception, and true perception is the reflection of Light.

(v 10, 11)God will come upon you in your willingness to see nothing else.

In God you are free, because you are no longer hampered by the misperception that you are not free.

(v 12 - 14) Stand willing to let go of misperception through your willingness to see that you have misperceived. It is the clearing away of misperception that helps you to see what it is that you do. As you see what you do in the clarity of Light, you may do it in joy and in harmony with the oneness of your truth. This is your true desire. And this is the path of ascension into the realms of Heavenly awareness. Amen.