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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of James
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI James, Chapter 3

(v 1, 2) Be a conscious-minded teacher of yourself. Be aware of the goal you have chosen, and hold it as a beacon before you in all things. Let all decisions be guided by the

Light, and you teach yourself consistently that you are the Light.

(v 3 - 6) Your thoughts seem to be the foundation for your decision and your action, but even more...your thoughts are derived from your conscious desire. Be, therefore, aware of your true desire within the consciousness of your mind. Keep it before you, and true desire will easily lead you to the point you desire to reach.

(v 7, 8) You are the leader of your own awakening, and so you may lead yourself in the direction you truly desire to go.

(v 9 - 12) Desire is the foundation from which all else springs forth. Be true to your true desire, and it shall lead you truly.

(v 13 - 16) What is the test that you shall give unto yourself to see if you are currently following the beacon of your true desire? Ask only this:

What do I want now?

If you find that you want anything other than "Know thy Self," you have also discovered that you have veered off course. Take this moment to reconnect with your truth, and you shall also be redirected in the direction that you shall go.

(v 17, 18) Peacemakers who sow in peace know the harvest of their own Heart. And this is the rich reward of Heaven.

To know thy Heart, follow thy Heart. To Know thy Self, to thy own Self be true.

NTI James, Chapter 4

(v 1 - 3) You always receive as you have asked, but you may not be aware that you are receiving, because you do not know what you have asked for. You do not ask from God through the expression of your words or thoughts. You ask from the process of creation through desire, which you give your energy to.

(v 4 - 6) Quietness is attentiveness. In the hurriedness of your distraction of the world, you may seem to find many things to give your desire to. But in truth, there is nothing within the world that the Son of God can desire. Whenever you believe you have given your desire to a thing or circumstance within the world, you must look deeper. What have you truly given your desire to?

The world is nothing but illusion of thought. It is a fantasy that says, "All is as it is not." It is a statement of a thought that is completely false. In this way, the world is an idea that teaches you that you are what you are not. Whenever you believe that you are desiring above all else a thing or circumstance within the world, look closely at what you are asking. You are asking to be taught that illusion is the reality of you. Or in short, you are asking to learn that you are what you are not.

(v 7 - 10) You need not do more than look at your false desire clearly to see that it is not your desire at all. For you do not wish to know yourself as you are not. It is your desire to know yourself as you are. Let go of false desires, because they are not what you want. Hold true to your true desire, and true desire leads you truly to the recognition of You.

(v 11,12) Remember that judgment is the tool that builds illusion. Let go of the desire to judge a desire that may be false. Even this desire is a desire to learn illusion! So the desire to judge is not a desire that is true.

(v 13 -17) Trust in your true desire, and let it lead the way. It will guide you as to what you are to do.

You need do nothing, but continue to ask for that which you truly want. It is the process of God that will answer, because it is the process of God that is you.

NTI James, Chapter 5

(v 1 - 6) forgive yourself for all of your sins, for they are only imagined. They were born of the desire to experience yourself differently from that which you are, but that which you are has remained unchanged.

Therefore, every sin you ever imagined was only a game you played to pretend that you were different than you are. But games are not reality, and nothing in reality has ever changed because of games you choose to play.

(v 7 - 9) Be attentive in patience as you unwind the doll that was wound up within the games you have played. This doll shall be laid aside, and your joy will be known in abundance.

(v 10, 11) Job is the symbol of letting go of the toys within the world. Job is the symbol of faith and trust in truth above all illusions. The rewards of Heaven are greater than the joys of the world, because the glee of Heaven is beyond the imagining of that which is different than glee.

(v 12) You are pretending to suffer.

"Be true to your Self means be true to your true desire, for that is the desire of your Self. Lay down your toys. Prepare yourself for the ascension into Heaven.

(v 13 - 16) The true desire of the Heart is also the prayer of the Heart, for nothing else can be desired by the Son of our most holy God. To Know thy Self is glee, for to Know thy Self is to know everything.

Rejoice for your truth. Let go of illusions and the desire for illusion.

Rest within true desire, and you rest peacefully within the seat of happiness.

(v 17 - 18) Everything that you experience comes from you and the desire that you allow. Rejoice that this is true, and choose consciously the desire of your Heart.

(v 19, 20) "Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way..." means:

Whoever recognizes that he has been desiring what he does not desire, and chooses to desire again in a new way, chooses also to save himself from a multitude of distractions in order to settle within the peace of his own Heart.