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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of James
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI James, Chapter 1

(v 1) Greetings, my beloved.

(v 2 - 8) Trust is your bedrock.

I ask you to hold to trust in all things.

Trust the healing process, for it brings to you that which is best for your healing. Trust it, and accept it in joy.

Trust your own mind, for it does know the true desire of your Heart. And it will rest, that your true desire may be practiced.

Trust your Self, for it is one, and its true purpose is only one. There is no division within your Self. There is only the illusion of division, and illusion is nothing at all.

(v 9 - 11)Trust is the bedrock of your faith, for what you trust in you also put your faith in. Trust and faith are inseparable.

Do not look at your false self and the circumstances of the world, putting faith and trust (which may seem like fear) in those circumstances. To do this is to put faith in illusion. With faith placed in illusion, illusion is what you shall see and experience. This is not the experience of your joy, because this is not what you truly want.

Put faith in your truth by trusting your true desire. Listen within, with true desire as your focus. In this way, you shall know what to do. Put all of your trust in what you hear, and your faith is given back to your Self.

(v 12) "Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial" means, blessed are you who remember to use all things to practice the true desire of the Heart. For with practice and focus, your true desire stands clear within your sight until the naturalness of your being is as natural in your awareness as true desire is now in the quiet of your Heart.

(v 13 - 15) God is the truth within you. It does not tempt. God is. But God can be denied through your desire to do so. Do not be unaware of this desire. It is there, within your mind. But it is a false desire that lingers from a moment of the past. In your weariness you follow it in habit. But in your alertness you remember to place this worn out desire aside.

(v 16 - 18) Do not deny your truth, because it does not change. In your denial you misunderstand what you do, and you experience your misunderstanding in unhappiness.

(v 19 - 21) My dear brothers, take note of this and store it in your mind and heart:

Be quick to listen to the true desire of the Heart, and you are quick to realize the joy of your truth.

Your truth is joy, so whenever you are not joyful you are misunderstanding what you are.

(v 22 - 25) Do not merely listen to My words without practicing what I say. To listen, but not to practice, is to be like a man who looks in the mirror, but then goes away and forgets what he saw. Remember that which you see as you listen to Me. Practice it with your every breath, and you do remember the truth of what you are.

(v 26, 27)Know thy Self. This is your only purpose. Hold tight to your purpose. Let go of everything that is not of this purpose, and to your purpose you are true.

NTI James, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 4) have said that you are the leader of your own awakening, but the one who leads you to awakening does not select and judge based on the many ways that seem to be within the world. The one who leads selects and judges not, so that he accepts and follows the path he has already laid out for himself.

(v 5 - 7) The many ways of the world are distractions for you. To be caught up in them is to be caught up in the world. This is not the path to awakening. You are the leader of your own awakening through the spirit that does not desire the ways of the world, but humbly desires freedom from those ways. And so it does not reach out to the world, but it watches and accepts, knowing and trusting that the path it is on is its own path to enlightenment, because the path that is being walked is the path it has already chosen and given to itself.

(v 8 - 11 ) Do not worry that you shall make a mistake. Worry that you could make a mistake comes from the belief that you are a mistake, which is also the belief that you are sin. This is but a misunderstanding regarding what you are. You can recognize this misunderstanding by your lack of joy.

You cannot make a mistake, because you are perfect and whole and in communication now. All thoughts are shared. There has never been a moment of not sharing. Therefore, your true desire is known, and its path is being given to you just as you have asked.

There can be no mistake in the oneness that you are.

(v 12, 13) Misperception is your greatest enemy, because misperception tells you that all is as it is not. But this is not a sin; it is only an error. And all error can be corrected.

(v 14 - 17) Look well within your mind, and see your misperceptions. See also that you have put your trust in them, so that even as you walk this path, which you have chosen for yourself, you do not see the path, and so you misperceive. It is your misperception that causes you to suffer. Have mercy on yourself by being willing to surrender your misperceptions for the. Light of your own awakening. You are standing and walking your way, because this is the way you have chosen. Trust in your Self and your leadership, and you will see the value and joy in all things.

(v 18, 19) Relax unto your Self, and lay aside your worries. They struggle against the true desire of your Heart, and so they are not helpful.

(v 20 - 24) Abraham is the symbol of the birth of the awareness of Light within your mind. With this birth came the willingness of true desire. And with this willingness came the plan for how true desire shall be fulfilled within the mind that is one. This is the plan you selected with that first awareness of Light. Look ahead in optimism and faith. The plan has already been laid out for you. Walk this path in trust. Leave your misperceptions behind.

(v 25, 26) You rise above your misperceptions of yourself, because your misperceptions are your dream. By letting go of what you think you are and where you believe your choices to be, you let go of all that is false. And then you walk peacefully, without misperception, the path you have given yourself for your own awakening from dreams.