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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Hebrews
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 24 - 28) By faith you let go of the world, even as you seem to live in the world, so that your desire for the world can die. In this way you live in dreams, even as you let go of dreams, and you prepare your mind to fully awaken.

(v 29) It is your faith that leads you forward, because it is your faith that makes that which you see.

(v 30) By faith, the world's rules no longer apply, because through faith you have released your belief, which had been given to them.

(v 31) By faith you stand within the world and see that the world is not true.

(v 32 - 38) By faith you bring all that is brought to you. And so by faith, you may learn that none of it is true. As you learn this lesson you shall giggle in acceptance, and release it all in joy. For in the remembrance of truth you shall no longer desire a distraction that hides the truth of what you are.

(v 39,40) The Mind is one. The desire of the Heart is only one. The Spirit of God is one, and this is your holy truth. Accept in willingness all that you do know, and by faith, that which has never been true shall fully and joyously be let go.

NTI Hebrews, Chapter 12

(v 1 - 3) Follow the beacon of the Heart. Persevere in its way, letting go of dreams as the Heart lovingly shines its Light on them. Jesus is given as a symbol because he was faithful to the way. He remained focused on the true desire of the Heart, and he listened to it in all things. Do not be tricked by your own desire, which does not come to you from the truth of the Heart. Question everything by the Heart, and you set out in the way of Jesus.

(v 4 - 6) The way of the Heart is the way of love and attentiveness. to love you are attentive to your way. Through love the way that is not true is revealed. Walk slowly and surely, paying attention as you go, and you shall be shown the way of dreams, that you may let go and say good-bye to them. This is the way of the Heart, because this is the way of Love.

(v 7 - 11) The trials and tests that you may perceive as you walk this path to Me are not tests given to you by God in order to pass to your own freedom. You are free! In your freedom you draw your tests to you, that you may know your freedom through your choice. Remember that each circumstance is a gift given by you for your own healing, and you accept each gift graciously within the gratitude with which it was given.

(v 12, 13) Relax and rejoice along your way. Welcome your lessons as they are given. You walk the way for each of your brothers, and they walk joyously beside you. Take each lesson in joy as it comes, and the way shall be level under your feet.

(v 14 - 17) Have compassion for yourself and be firm in your desire. Have compassion when you catch yourself dozing. Dozing is not real, and so it is not cause for chastisement. It is merely cause for being awake again, firm for the purpose of the Heart.

Love yourself and love your brothers, for the way of the Heart is love. When the way of the Heart is forgotten through the drowsiness of your day, rejoice that an error has been seen. Release the error in joy. Through this you continue the way in joy.

(v 18 - 24) You have come to the threshold of your Self. And it is through the release of the past that you bid yourself welcome to enter. See all desires that stand as obstacles to the one true desire of the Heart. Release them joyously, and bid yourself welcome unto your Heart.

(v 25 - 27) Let go of dreams. That is your only function here. Walk the way of the Heart, for it is the path that leads you truly through the forest of dreams to the release of all belief in them.

(v 28,29) Worship in reverence and awe the true desire of the Heart by giving your gratitude to it. Through gratitude, desire is increased. Through desire, faith is given. And through faith all things that are useful to healing are brought in peace to stand quietly before you, awaiting the final pronouncement of your decision regarding them.

NTI Hebrews, Chapter 13

(v 1 -3) W are all one. everything that you perceive, be it seen or unseen, within your awareness or known only as a memory, all that is is one. Stand grateful within it, as it, in awe of all that it is. Then love your brother as yourself, remembering that he is your Self, even if he seems to be completely unaware.

(v 4 - 6) God is all things, and all things are you. This is because you are the process of creation that is God, and God is the process of creation that is you. Nothing is separable within the process that is God. It is all one, and you are one with it.

(v 7, 8) All things are the same yesterday, today and forever, not for what they seem to be, but for what they are. Look beyond what they seem to be, which changes, to what they are, which can never change, and you look beyond dreams to the truth of what you are.

(v 9, 10) Nothing within dreams can last forever, so do not put your faith in dreams.

Anything that is not lasting must fade away. It is you that is eternal, Put your faith in your truth and you build your house on the foundation of rock. Put your faith in anything that is within dreams and you have built your house on the shifting sands.

(v 11 - 14) Dreams shall not endure. Put your faith not within the symbols of dreams. Follow the symbols to the truth to which they point, but do not stop and wait at the

feet of symbols. For all symbols must fade away. Only the truth endures forever.

(v 15, 16) Love God, remembering that God is all things. But do not cling to any one thing, remembering that it cannot be God. God is not the thing that passes. God is the

process by which all things seem to be.

(v 17) listen within for the guidance of the Heart. Follow your guidance and practice it with your every breath.

(v 18, 19)Pray only that the knowledge of your truth may be restored to you. Let all things within dreams be just as they may.

(v 20, 21) Trust the process that is you, that it may lead you back through dreams to the truth that is the remembrance of your Self.

(v 22) Let go of dreams, because they are not your reality.

(v 23, 24) The Spirit within guides you. It guides you through what you see without.

(v 25) Grace lives within your Heart. Amen.