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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Hebrews
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NTI Hebrews, Chapter 10

(v 1 - 7) The guilt that you feel feels eternal within your soul, but it is not. The guilt that you feel rises repeatedly into your awareness for one reason: It rises as a reminder of your desire to heal.

You have not healed yourself because you do not fully recognize your desire to heal. You remain somewhat distracted by dreams. But your attention is turning from the distraction you have made to the desire for the remembrance of God.

(v 8 - 10)Do not worry that your distraction stands before you, glittering and sparkling with desire. Rest the desire that you recognize as dying within you. Focus on the desire that is growing. Your guilt shall fade with the old desire, which is fading, as your innocence is realized.

Your guilt is cleansed away through your remembrance of your truth, because in your truth there can never be any guilt. Guilt is the shadow of illusion, which means guilt is an illusion itself. For the shadow of what can not be does not exist. And what does not exist can not affect the truth of what you are.

(v 11 - 14)The one sacrifice that ends sin and guilt forever is not a sacrifice at all. It is but a remembrance and acceptance of ail that has always been true. It is the release of what isn't and the re-acceptance of what is. It is a return to the realization of the truth of what you are.

(v 15 - 18)The Holy Spirit testifies to this because the Holy Spirit is your remembrance of this. Within the Holy Spirit there is no sin. Within the Holy Spirit there could be no sacrifice. Within the Holy Spirit there is only the reflection of your truth glistening upon the canvas of time.

(v 19 - 25) The practice of remembrance is the practice of awakening. Return your mind to the true desire of the Heart and the work that lies within. With your purpose as your guide, let go of dreams willingly. Focus daily, within every moment, on true prayer, which is the prayer of the Heart.

(v 26 - 31) God is Love. This is the truth that is known within your Heart, because it has been written there. Know this truth by sinking within your mind to the Heart. Rest yourself within your Heart. Here your true desire is known, because here the truth of God is known. Then rise up and practice in joy. The truth is true and it remains, as always, true. You are as you have always been. Love leads you always, even unto the remembrance of your Self.

(v 32 - 38)You are the leader of your own awakening, and you lead yourself in Love. This Love is not limited to the seeming individual self and a heart that is trapped within a body. This Love is the great Love of a true Self, which is awakening with a great joy to the awareness and realization it had lost. Your awakening is a great awakening, powered by the Love of one Holy Spirit.

Look at your brother and rejoice! He is one with you. His Holy Spirit is one with your Holy Spirit. It is this Holy Spirit that leads you.

The universe has come to answer your call for awakening, because the universe is one mind with you. Your true desire is the one true desire of it all.

(v 39) Rest the awareness of dreams. Sink into the desire of the Heart. Join with your Self, and it is your truth that is realized and remembered.

NTI Hebrews, Chapter 11

(v 1, 2) Faith is driven by desire and powered by belief (what you accept as true). One may say he has faith, but if he does not accept as true his faith has no meaning at all. The idea of faith may be placed with one thought while the power of faith is given to another. It is time for you to look honestly at where you place your faith.

(v 3) It is by faith that the universe was formed, and it is by faith that its seeming form is maintained today. This is the power of your faith. Because you see exactly as you see, you can see also where it is that you place your faith.

(v 4) It is through faith that your perception of the world changes, This is the first step in letting go of dreams. For as you place your faith in that which is not seen, that which is seen changes to show you where you have put your faith.

(v 5,6) In faith, your entire perception shall seem to change in answer to the faith you have given. In this way, the perception of death is also taken away. For as you no longer place your faith with sin and guilt, the "wages of sin" as perception is also taken away.

(v 7) By faith you will let go of illusion, knowing by that time of the oneness that you are. In this final step of faith the world shall be released, and your acceptance of truth will be revealed.

(v 8 - 10) Now by faith, you listen to my every word. I ask you also to practice it in faith. Practice without faith is dead, for it is your faith that brings all things to you within perception.

(v 11, 12) Through faith perception is rearranged to answer the call of your awakening. As you ask for guidance and give faith that it will be given, guidance is that which will come. It shall lead you step-by-step, not into form, but away from it. For as you see the power of your faith you are led to accept that the truth has always been true. You shall see that you have been the leader of your own awakening through your Holy Spirit, which knows the true reflection that is everything.

(v 13 - 16) Your desire for the world will keep you in it because of what you were created to be. But as you recognize that the world is not your home, and you begin to long for, desire, and place faith in the Home that you know must be, you release your hand on illusion and reach out for the truth of what you are.

(v 17 - 19) By faith in what is beyond perception, let go of the dreams that are perceived. Do not ask in your heart for rewards given in perception. Ask only that you may be led away from dreams. And perception shall answer in a way that is helpful, so that you may welcome and realize an increase in faith.

(v 20)By faith you bless experience.

(v 21)By faith, experience blesses you.

(v 22) By faith, your willingness to let go is increased.

(v 23) By faith you let go of the limits of the world.