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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Hebrews
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTl Hebrews, Chapter 8

(v 1, 2) The point of what I am saying is this:

You know your true desire, because it lives within you. When you are aware of it, you know that it is true.

(v 3 - 6) This is what I am saying:

Jesus lives in your mind as a symbol of truth, because Jesus has let go and is no longer dreaming.

If he was here in the dream with you, he would be a reflection of the dreams in your mind. Because he is not, you know that he must be awakened, and you listen to his voice willingly along with Mine.

Jesus does not speak in words when he speaks clearest to the mind that is your Heart. Jesus speaks as a knowing. And because it is a knowing that you know, you realize in your knowingness that this knowing is a knowing that is true. Follow it to your truth. In its knowingness, the Voice without words leads you there.

(v 7 - 12) This is the truth that you must know, because it is written on your heart and cannot be unknown there:

All dreams must pass away. If you are to pass beyond dreams, you must not pass away with them. The only way to not pass with them is not to be attached as they pass away on their own.

Let them go. Dreams will go on their own, if you do not struggle to hold to them.

(v 13) This is the truth you must practice within your dreams. See yourself letting go of every "person," every "concept" and every "thing." Be willing to hold onto nothing, and you are willing to awaken from dreams.

Take this opportunity to be honest in exercise with yourself.

 What is it that you do not want to let go?
 What is it, within dreams, that you have put your faith and trust in?

If there is anything you trust to be true within dreams, that is the thought of dreams for you. Be willing to let that thought go, and you give willingness to awaken fully from dreams.

NTI Hebrews, Chapter 9

(v 1 - 10) The covenant of the first order (that is, the covenant symbolized by the covenant given to Moses) is preparation for the covenant of the new order, but both the covenant of the first order and the covenant of the new order are within the dream, for no covenant is needed when the dream is no more.

Each covenant is a symbol of your willingness and your readiness to awaken. The first covenant is the covenant of respect, where you recognize a sameness among you and your brothers, and so you agree to treat them with the respect and treatment that you would have given to you. This is a holy covenant. It need not be broken as you mature within the understanding of your truth.

The new covenant is greater than the first. For the new covenant symbolizes advancement from the understanding of sameness to the acceptance of oneness. This is the most holy covenant within the dream. For within the acceptance of this oneness, all sins are forgiven, because it is accepted and understood that sin could never have existed. You are advancing in your maturity. Through your willingness, you are advancing to full acceptance of your truth.

(v 11 - 14) Jesus is the symbol of Light for you, because he seemed to give his life, and yet, he did not die. This is the symbol that you may give up your self will, and yet, you will not die. In this symbol you see that you may give up your dream and your belief in any seemingly separate and individual will, and yet, you will not die. In the giving up, you shall be raised up to Heaven. This is the true understanding of the perception of Jesus' resurrection.

(v 15)For this reason, Jesus has been selected as a symbol by the Holy Spirit: It is that his story may be used to continually teach you who you are until you have the need for stories no more.

(v 16 - 22) Stories of the world are helpful, but only to the extent that the stories are understood to be dreams. To pass from this world to the awakening, the "mind of Jesus" released faith in the stories of the dream. In this release, the idea of Jesus died. The idea of Jesus died, but the symbol of his story continues within the dream because it is helpful to you to awaken from the dream. The idea of Jesus says that you surely will not die, and this is a statement of truth that lives beyond the idea of your dream.

(v 23 - 28) The symbol of Jesus is a symbol of everything that is true for you. This is important for you to accept, for as you accept Jesus as separate from you, you choose to limit yourself to the perception of the first covenant. As you choose to accept Jesus as a symbol of all that is true about you, you choose to rise within your Self to the acceptance of the new covenant.

The acceptance of the new covenant is the acceptance of new sight and new sight within the world is the open doorway from the world. For as you see the illusion of separateness as an illusion you desire no more, you will return your mind to the true Heart, and that is the Heart of One.