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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Hebrews
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NTI Hebrews, Chapter 7

(v 1 - 3) Melchizedek symbolizes the Holy Spirit within you, which you have also met. You know this Holy Spirit. You have met it many times, and you recognize its love. Notice the Bible says that Abraham gave Melchizedek a tenth of everything. This is also a symbol of the beginning of the process of awakening, for when one tenth of your attention is given to the Holy Spirit within, you have begun the process of awakening with the fluttering of your eyes. But one tenth of your mind given to awakening is only one tenth of everything, which means everything is not focused on who you are. I ask you to be willing to accept the Holy Spirit as the Voice of your truth. Be willing to give everything to the Voice that represents all that you truly are.

(v4 - 10) What you give to the Holy Spirit is given for everyone and for everything, because you are everyone and everything, everything that you give for healing is given for the healing of all.

Tkere is one mind. Within dreams, one mind seems to be many, but that is pure illusion. As your one mind is given to the purpose of Light, all minds are given to the purpose of Light, because there are not "all minds"; there is only one. As you heal, every concept and every thought that has ever lived within your mind as the filter of misperception is healed and erased. As the thoughts of misperception are taken away through your decision to perceive with Love, all that you perceive is seen differently. New perception is still a dream, but it is an awakened dream where the Light of day has come to kiss the dreams of night awake. Through these dreams, you shall awaken. Your eyes will not flutter. You shall not choose another time of sleep. You shall awaken with eyes that are open, finished completely with the idea of sleep.

(v 11 - 17) Let go the thoughts of dreams. The thoughts and beliefs that come from dreams do not lead to awakening. They lead you to be caught up longer within the story of your dreams. Look around you now, and listen clearly to what I say:

Nothing you see is real. Nothing you see has any real value at all.

Realize this is true, because it is a dream. Look within the mind at the thoughts that make you proud and make you happy at the thought of being you. Look at those thoughts, which you judge as good, which make you feel better or luckier than someone else you know. , Look at those thoughts, and listen clearly to what I say:

Those thoughts have no value. Those thoughts are nothing but the dust of dreams.

Can you imagine letting go completely that which you seem to value? Can you imagine closing your eyes and letting it fade completely away? If you can imagine letting it go, feeling peace and no loss in the imagining, you are preparing to wake up from dreams. Can you let go of this person, this experience, or this way of being? Can you let it go, that you may be only that which is truth? When you say "yes," you shall be ready to awaken. Until then, practice awakening when you can.

(v 18, 19) Dreams of the past must fade away. As you let go, they disappear into nothingness. As you hold on, they continue through the freedom of your holy desire.

(v 20, 21) The Lord has sworn and will not change His Mind:

You are His Son forever.

(v 22) Because of this oath, you are your own truth. And you shall know it when you are fully ready to know it is so. But as long as you value anything else, that "else" shall seem to be yours also. Let go of dreams to know your Self completely free of your dreams. Because of who you are, this is truly the only way.

(v 23 - 25)Melchizedek and Jesus have joined within the mind that is you. One was a symbol in the beginning, and the other is the symbol of the completion of you. Jesus is the symbol of the truth of you. Jesus is the symbol of the awakened. He has let go of dreams and holds only to truth. Jesus is a light in your mind.

(v 26 - 28) Jesus lives in your mind as a symbol of all that is true. Look beyond dreams to the Heart that shines within. This Heart has let go of all dreams forever. Dreams mean nothing to it anymore. This

Heart is at the heart of you.