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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Hebrews
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 8 -11) In your sleep you do not remember that the true desire of the Heart is your true desire now, and so you do not practice it. But in the fluttering of your eyes, you do remember. In that state of consciousness that nears awakening you step outside of dreams and remember, within the depths of your Heart, that which is your true desire. And so when you remember, act. Practice the true desire in each moment that you remember it, and you bring yourself closer to the state of full awakening.

(v 12,13) The Word of God is living and active. And the Word of God within the state of awakening is this:

Let go of your dreams.

For how shall you awaken except through the choice to let go of your dreams? In the awareness of your true desire, within the perception of your dreams, use the moment given to let go of your dreams. This is the practice of awakening. This is the way to open the mind to the state of full awakening.

(v 14 - 16) You may approach each moment of awakening with confidence, because each moment is within the process that it is. You are awakening from your dreams. You are rousing yourself now. Celebrate the process you are within. Help yourself to awaken by joyously letting go of your dreams.

NTI Hebrews, Chapter 5

(v 1 - 3) A great leader has compassion, and you are the leader within your mind. Be gentle with yourself in your own awakening. You are not slipping back into slumber.

(v 4 - 6) Listen within for the gentle Voice that encourages. Let that be your example. Be with yourself as that Voice is with you, and you lead yourself steadily to your own awakening.

(v 7 - 10)Your prayers of the Heart encourage you. They pull you into the state of awakening. They are a power that echoes the desire of the Heart, so desire may reverberate and bring itself back to you. Spend time in prayer, and you practice the practice of awakening. Spend time in prayer, and you jostle yourself unto your own state of awakening.

(v 11 - 14) Rest assured that sleep does not harm you. Forgive yourself when you notice you have fallen back into sleep. But realize this also:

If you are noticing that you fell back into slumber for a time, then you are not within slumber now. For you do not notice slumber when you are deep within it. If you are noticing now, now must be a state of awakening. Rejoice, and use now to practice awakening. Through its practice, the state of awakening shall increase.

NTI Hebrews, Chapter 6

(v 1 - 3)You are maturing in the faith of your truth whenever you choose to practice it through the practice of prayer and the letting go of dreams. As you choose searching for truth, you choose to believe that you do not know truth. You also choose to believe that you do not have truth, which means you choose to believe that you are not the truth. But when you lay aside searching by realizing there is no truth you can find that is not within, and you begin the practice of the work that is within, then you have matured and you are practicing your maturity.

(v 4 - 6) It is possible within your state of maturity to fall back into sleep for a time, but that is only a phase within the state of awakening. It is not possible to lose the maturity that you have gained, just as it is not possible for one who has grown older to suddenly be younger again. When you notice that you have awakened again from another period of slumber and dozing, go back to your practice. Do that which is natural by the maturity of your faith. Practice the state of awakening with joy.

(v 7, 8) The practice of awakening is helpful to you in your purpose of awakening to your Self. Dreams are only delay and distraction. Your progress is steady and cannot go backwards. In your dreams you only stand still, dozing for a time.

(v9 - 12) Everything is you. This is important for you to remember. In remembering this, you remember there is no judge. In remembering this, you remember there is only you, and so there is only freedom. In your freedom, you express that which is desire. Freedom is the expression of desire. In the state of awakening, true desire is clear. During periods of sleeping, it is weak or totally forgotten, but only true desire is real. Other desires are passing. Do not worry that true desire can be lost within the forgetfulness and distraction of dreams. True desire outlasts all distraction. True desire leads from beyond the clouds of forgetfulness. You are led truly always. Continue to follow your way. And practice awakening whenever it is in your mind to practice awakening now.

(v 13 - 15) God's promise to Abraham symbolizes the birth of the awareness of Light within the mind. This is the beginning of your own awakening. Awakening continues, spreading within your mind, lighting up many corners that once seemed dark. And God's promise to Abraham is infallible. All corners and recesses of the mind shall awaken to the Light. You shall be awakened fully, and dreams will not linger any more.

(v 16 - 20) God's promise is alive, because God's promise lives as the Light within you. It is the true desire of your Heart to return from dreams to the state of full awakening. And so awakening is what you do. That is your only purpose in all times and all regions of your world. There are no differences in true desire, only distractions from it. There is no difference in truth, only dreams, which are not real.

Forgive the scenarios of your dreams. Look away from them. They are images of the past. Stay focused on the practice of awakening, and the awakening of your one Self is harkened unto Light within you.