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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Hebrews
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Hebrews, Chapter 1

(v 1 - 4) By this time, you recognize that the Son of which I speak is you. There were no prophets or angels of heaven. There is only you, how you saw yourself, and how you are coming to see yourself now. It is as if you have been on an elevator ride going up within the awareness of your Self. But the elevator ride is only a rise in awareness, a rise in acceptance. "That which you are, you have always been. There is no change within the oneness that is you.

(v 5) When has the Father ever indicated, for even a moment, that today you are different than you were yesterday? Never has the Father indicated this. You are the one who has said, "I am changing." But this change you seem to experience is not a change in what you are at all. It is only a growing awareness of what has always been. You are awakening to the truth of what you are.

(v 6 - 9) You rise above your own thoughts, your misperceptions of yourself, and through awareness of what is true, and through awareness that the false was never true, you anoint yourself with the oil of your own joy.

(v 10 - 12) And now you see.

All that you have known beyond the thoughts that cloud the mind is emerging as the truth you have always known.

You are eternal.

This personality is not you. This world is not you. Not even these interactions are able to define you as you. They are all temporal, an experience of the imagination of mind! They shall pass, and you shall still be you as you have always been and as you shall forever be. That recognition that feels this truth...that is the edge of the awareness of you. It is there in your awareness now. It has always been there, a part of your core knowledge. It has never doubted itself. It has always been the same.

Rejoice! This knowledge, which you are aware of, is your truth. This is the knowledge of you.

(v 13,14) Every step has been a stepping stone within awareness only. There is no change. You are eternally, lovingly and perfectly whole as you are now.

NTI Hebrews, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 4) Knowing the truth, you must pay careful attention to your mind. To sleep while you are awakening will seem to cause great sadness, because it is awakening that is your Heart's desire.

(v 5 - 7) Accept the state of mind that you now experience. Be joyful regarding the awakening that is occurring. Let the awakened mind lead in all things, and the sleeping mind will join the purpose of awakening.

(v 8, 9)The mind is split, but this split is not to be mourned. For the split is but an illusion in the state of awakening. Awaken the mind by being gentle to the split. Whisper quietly to it that which is your true desire, and it shall respond naturally by opening its eyes unto you.

(v 10 - 13) One mind is as it is. One Spirit is only one, There is no separation. Rejoice at this fact and sing loudly your hymns of gratitude. The sleeping mind is awakening! And it will join in the singing with you.

(v 14 - 18)The awakened mind is one with the sleeping mind. In this way, you may see them as brothers. One has awakened unto the Light and is joyous and grateful. The other still suffers within its dreams. But the awakened mind and the sleeping mind are not separate. Both are within your mind in this state of awakening. Both are you, and both are led through your realization of truth. Let the awakened mind dance within your awareness, and the sleeping mind shall rouse itself within your hymns of joy. This is the miracle of awakening:

It is by your choice that awakening to Awareness shall occur.

NTI Hebrews, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 6) Be grateful for who you are, for you are all things. In your gratitude for all things, the awakening to all things occurs. You do not sleep in your awareness of truth. You sleep in your forgetfulness. In your awareness, you are awake. In your gratitude, awake-fullness is praised!

Give thanks for every moment that you experience your awakened state to any degree or measure.

Each glimmer and each fluttering of the eyes is a moment that is truly praise worthy. Fall to your knees in gratitude, and you hasten upon itself the state that is fully awakened.

(v 7 - 11) Rest the mind that is sleeping, and it shall awaken from its dreams.

(v 12 - 15) Gratitude is the way, as is resting. Have gratitude for the state of awakening, and rest peacefully any murmurings of dreams. In this way, sleep may be finished, and awakening may joyously be received.

(v 16 - 19)Take My advice. Remember that it is your mind that you tend to. You are the leader of your own awakening. By your own decision do you awaken!

NTI Hebrews, Chapter 4

(v 1 - 3) The peace of God is within. The peace of God is eternal, and it is never lost. The peace of God is realized and accepted based upon the power of your own decision. It is up to you. You may choose the peace of God, and you may choose turmoil. You make your choice based upon the desire that seems dearest to you.

(v 4 - 7) Today is now. The mistake you make is thinking that today is tomorrow, and so you see your true desire, but you put it off until another time. Truly I tell you, if you do not choose the true desire of the Heart now, it is because you believe that another desire may still be dearest to you. If you believe that another desire is dearest to the truth of your Heart, you are sleeping, because you have forgotten who you are and you have forgotten the truth of what you want.