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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Titus
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Titus, Chapter 1

(v 1 - 4) The Father of all creation is God. All creation comes from the Father, so it is like the Father in every way that it operates. The creation that does not know the Father believes it is separate from the Father. But when the Father is remembered, creation is remembered also.

(v 5 - 9) The Father is like His children, and the children are like the Father, for there is no difference between them. This is not a matter of effort or change. This is the way it has always been, and what has always been shall never change.

(v 10 - 16) Anything that appears to separate you from your brother is a mirage. It is to be forgiven so you may see yourself and your brother truly. Anything that seems to separate you or your brother from God is a mirage also, for nothing can separate that which has been made inseparable.

NTI Titus, Chapter 2

(v 1,2) Teach your mind to listen to truth, and you teach the mind that it is a mirage also. In this way, the mind becomes willing to be quieted. And in the quiet of the mind, the echo of truth can be heard.

(v 3 - 5) Teach yourself to be quiet through the desire of your Heart. Teach yourself to remain quiet in willingness and faith and love. In this way, you teach yourself to be attentive in peace. It is through peace that the remembrance of your truth is heard.

(v 6 - 8) Teaching is the way to learn. The one you teach is yourself. In this way, teach yourself your one true desire by demonstrating your desire for it with every thought that comes into the mind.

(v 9, 10) Teach the mind to be subject to the Heart by being grateful for the desire of the Heart. Through gratitude, desire is stretched within the mind. Let the desire for Love expand within the mind that is conscious, and the conscious mind will give more willingness to rest at the feet of the Heart.

(v 11 - 14) Now, focus on the Heart in gratitude. When the mind is found busy forgetting, remember again in gentleness for it. The mind is willing to listen to the Heart, but it needs your willingness to remember for it. For the mind is easily distracted by forgetfulness, although forgetfulness is no longer the desire of the mind.

(v 15) Love is the leader in all things. Lead with love in the treatment of the mind, and the mind shall respond with the gratitude of the Heart.

NTI Titus, Chapter 3

(v 1, 2) Be ready to remind yourself of your truth. The way of the thinking mind is forgetfulness, but your way is the way of remembering. Joyfully remember whenever the mind forgets, and the way will be filled with happiness and deep gratitude.

(v 3 - 8) Your true Self is the Self of Love. This is your reality in the connectedness of all that you are. Everything you do, you do for Love at the call of Love. To perceive yourself in any other way is merely a small misperception in your mind.

(v 9 -11 ) Love your Self through the remembrance of what you are. Rejoice at your experience through the realization of what it is and how it comes to you. Love and gratitude are the natural response to all things. Any other response is misperception and can easily and joyously be let go.

(v 12 - 14) Remember Me when you seem to lose yourself, and you remember your Self through Me. For I am That Which you Are. I bring your Self to you, because I am thy Self. To know Me is to know you, and to know you is to know Me also.

(v 15) The peace of God is in all things, because the peace of God comes to you through all things when you choose to see the purpose of all things as the peace of God. Amen.