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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 2 Timothy
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 22 - 26) Do not flee that which life is bringing to you when you know that you see it coming. Turn to it in faith, having faith that it cannot hurt you. It has come only to teach you. Move from the thinking mind to the Heart, which is the place from which you may experience the gift without denying it. Experience it in trust. It is only an experience, and it places no limits on you.

 It is peace that shall carry you through fear.
 When the fear has dissipated
 as a fog within sunlight,
 you shall see that only peace remains.

Remember that the world and its thoughts are only props. Dive directly into the experience. By experiencing it in full, without a wish for salvation, you experience it without dying, and that is salvation.

NTI 2 Timothy, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 5) Let's remember that this is a course of looking within in order to heal all that is false within your mind. Let's remember that the world is only a prop made by the mind in order to generate the experience the mind has already decided to have. In this way, the world is never cause. The mind is cause. The world is a prop, but the mind wrote the play.

When you look on the world, remember it is only a prop. You are never looking on anything real. You are not subject. You are lord. And the world you look on is your own gift given unto you. Now look on the world. Look without judgment. Look with curiosity. Look on the world and see it as a harmless and meaningless prop.

As you do this, feelings will seem to come up in you, feelings that say, "The world is not a prop!" Do not turn away from your feelings. Turn your attention, now, from the prop to the feelings it has evoked. This is the experience you deemed to have. Feel the feelings of injustice and anger and sadness and blame. Feel hopelessness and anguish and helplessness and pain. Allow yourself the feelings from that place within the Heart where the feelings are only an experience, and you hold hands with Me.

(v 6 - 9) Judgment is the tool of illusion, because judgment makes real and separates. Judgment distracts from the truth of your experience by focusing your mind on the prop of the world. When you are focused on the prop, you are not within the throws of the experience. In this way, the question that is asked remains unanswered.

Judgment is a distracter, because it denies who you are, and it denies what you do. Judgment makes real the false. Notice your judgment and lay it aside, that you may remember your Self and be within the experience.

(v 10 - 17) Stay with your Heart. The guidance of the mind confuses, because the thinking mind is also a prop. It is not you. When you believe the thinking mind is you, you believe you are a prop, and once again you miss the fullness of the experience. Step back and see yourself as the observer. Remember why you have come to observe. The props that you made were made to evoke feelings. They are to assist in an experience you wanted to feel. Let them do their job as props, without confusing yourself with them. Stay focused within the Heart. Feel the fullness of the experience. In this way, the stage show can be finished and you can move beyond the experience you wanted to have.

NTI 2 Timothy, Chapter 4

(v 1 - 5) The feelings within you are not to be hidden. As you hide your feelings from yourself, you are confused as to who you are. I have told you that it is time to look at who you are not. We do this for only one purpose...to realize who you are.

Know thy Self.

Do not be afraid of the feelings you find within. They do not define you. They are not who you are. They are who you are not. By looking at them and experiencing them, and not fearing them, you may release them. As they go, you shall see they were not who you are. As you release them, do not make this error:

 Do not feel
 that your feelings were caused
 by anything in the world.
 They were not.

The feelings were in the mind first. The world was made to seem to cause them, but that is an illusion. In this way, celebrate the world. Be grateful that it can be used to show you your need for healing, but do not give glory to the world as the cause of your feelings, because it is not. To give glory to the world in this way is to deny who you are.

(v 6 - 8) Have faith in the healing process. Do not see it as a race. There is no prize that you should covet. There is only the realization of the beauty of all that you already are, even as you sit reading this now. Relax and pay attention to your healing. Know that all is perfect as you experience it. Embrace each opportunity to heal with gratitude, and you remember through healing who you truly are.

(v 9 - 13) Guidance will come to you day-by-day and moment-by-moment. Do not worry about your guidance in the next moment now. Instead, use now to notice the worry. Use now to explore the fear within the mind and release it. Use now to heal, and the guidance will come.

(v 14, 15) The message of healing experiences opposition only within you. This is good news. For if the resistance to healing is yours, you can make the decision to release the resistance.

Remember I told you that you will only experience two things on the spiritual path with Me: resistance and willingness. Both are in your mind, and so both are within your power of acceptance or release.

 Accept willingness and feel gratitude for it,
 that it may increase within you.
 Look at resistance with your willingness;
 focus on letting resistance go.
 This is the way to peace.

(v 16 - 18) You are not deserted. When you feel deserted, you have looked away from the Love within yourself. Take this moment to be quiet and to ask Me to look at your pain with you. I am with you always, but through inviting Me you acknowledge My presence within you. In peace we will experience your pain together. Through peace, we will joyously let it go.

(v 19 - 22) Healing is your only purpose. Do not be distracted. You enjoy the process as you come to recognize its reward, and the reward you recognize is That Which you truly Are. Amen.