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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 2 Timothy
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 2 Timothy, Chapter 1

(v 1,2) It is time to look within at the darkness that blinds you to your awareness of Life. You will see many things, all of which are false. Hold My hand, and know it is your own truth that you hold to as we look together at all you are not.

(v 3 - 7) You see yourself as less than, and so you seem to resent those who act as if to be greater than the one you see as you. All of this is based on the measuring stick of personhood. I do not want you to deny how you feel. Denial is not the way of salvation. I want you to look at it and feel it with Me.

As we look at this feeling of less than and the resentment that is noticed for the one who acts out the role of greater than, notice that what you are feeling is a feeling. Move away from the thoughts of resentment to the feeling the thoughts evoke. Explore within you the feeling. Can you see that it is just a feeling? It is an experience, and it is nothing more than that. "The thoughts that evoke the feeling are nothing; they are mere props. It is the feeling, or the experience, that is the goal of the Son of God. You have set out to have an experience, so let go of the thoughts and focus on the experience they evoke.

(v 8 - 12) Life is a rollercoaster of feelings. But when you are lost in your thoughts, you rob yourself of the feelings you set out to experience. It is as if you skim the surface, but you do not go in for a full flavor of experience. And so the desire for experience remains at a level of which you are not conscious. The unanswered question remains unanswered, because you have not allowed yourself the full experience by the distraction of your thoughts.

(v 13, 14) The good teaching that you have been entrusted with is the teaching of your innocence. This is the teaching you must accept if you are to experience the fullness of your experience and let go of your curiosity. When you feel guilty for desiring experience, you cover over it with thoughts. You may call them self-rationalizations or a tool of denial. Thoughts are a distraction from desire caused by the fear of desire. Yet while you allow yourself to be distracted from it, the desire, or the wish, remains.

(v 15) Your guilt is a misperception and nothing more. But your fear of your own misperception has become an obstacle. It is time to let that obstacle go.

(v 16 - 18) Release yourself by accepting your own innocence. God has granted you the right to have experience. You have, within you, the desire to have experience. This desire remains until you have let it go. But you cannot fear it and let it go also. You must let yourself realize the experience to see that the experience can hold no limits that could ever limit or hinder you.

NTI 2 Timothy, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 7) Step forth in purpose, and purpose is all that you shall see.

You protect your fear. You protect it, because you believe it protects you. You believe that there is something worse than fear beneath your fear, and so you protect your fear by keeping it in storage. But you will not find your release this way.

You must go forth in purpose, which is the purpose of Know thy Self With only this purpose in mind, you must be willing to release every- thing that is not the purpose. And fear is not the purpose, for fear's purpose is to hide the answer from you.

(v 8 - 10) You fear that to let loose your fear and experience it is also to come to the foothold of destruction. You believe that to step to that place and not be destroyed, you must hold to the last remaining shred of fear. In other words, you truly believe fear is your salvation. This is why you hold to it.

But fear is not your salvation. Fear is the opposite of salvation. To realize this, you must be willing to experience that which you fear and let it go. By experiencing fear and not perishing, you learn that you cannot perish. This understanding, taken to heart, is a true glimpse of who you are.

(v 11 - 13) Here is a trustworthy saying:

 I am all that I am,
 and that is all I am promised to be.
 But I cannot limit myself through fear,
 and know all that I am.
 I choose to release the limits
 I have chosen for myself.
 In their release,
 I see that I am.

Make this the constant prayer of your heart. In purpose, step forth unto your release.

(v 14 - 19) The resurrection is within, for it is the Light that has never died. But it has been covered by the mask of false belief. The mask is dark and heavy, and it occupies your every thought when you believe heavily in it. This is why it must be let go. It hides that which is you and is within, living now in peace. It hides all this, and it tells you that the truth is not true. As long as you hide in fear, you believe it. You believe the false, and it is fear that keeps you standing there.

(v 20, 21) It is through fear that you are purified. Do not shy away from fear. It is through fear that you realize your own shine, because it is through experiencing fear and releasing fear that you learn fear has no hold on you.

The unlimited cannot be limited by fear.