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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 1 Timothy
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Look at your brother and your sister and the total expression that is your family. Realize it is only an expression of freedom, a desire for experience and the expression of that desire. It has no rules, and no expectations have been placed on it. You look at your own freedom, given you that you may learn the answer to your own curious question. Everything you see and each circumstance is a gift from you to you, and the gift shall continue as long as you ask the question.

(v 11 - 15) Everything is a gift, and it is recognized as a gift if it is accepted in this way. But it cannot be seen as a gift when viewed with the measuring stick of personhood. For with that stick held firmly in your hand, you forget who you are and you forget what you look on. Therefore, you do not recognize your gift and you separate yourself from it.

(v 16) Look on your gift and rejoice! It is an expression given by you. Its purpose is your own joy, as that is the purpose of freedom. Accept it in joy, and it is joy that you shall know.

(v 17 - 20) Your reward is secure in Heaven, and Heaven is within your mind now. Heaven is not earned. Heaven is with you, and the awareness of Heaven is chosen. But you shall not know Heaven if you choose to separate yourself from it. For Heaven is looking at you now as the expression of your own freedom.

(v 21) Partiality and favoritism are ticks on the measuring stick of personhood, but Love is of all things. Therefore I urge you to love all things, and you will willingly agree to lay down your personhood.

(v 22) Do not judge a symbol of expression as better than you or less than you, for all expression is the same. To judge is to forget that the expression you experience is one. To judge is to believe in the false image of personhood.

(v 23) Do not be hard on yourself with rules and expectations that you believe you must follow. For to be gentle with "them" but harsh with yourself is to separate and maintain the concept of personhood. Be gentle with it all, for it is all expression. Through the expression of gentleness, the experience of expression shall be gentle also.

(v 24, 25) Let go of the measuring stick. Release the belief in personhood. See one expression as an expression. Accept it in joy and gratitude. Expression is merely that which it is, expression. And expression is experienced as it is expressed, and it is expressed just as you accept it to be.

NTI 1 Timothy, Chapter 6

(v 1, 2) Teach what you would learn. In order to teach yourself that you are not a person, you must teach others that their personhood is also false. You do this by not believing their personhood yourself. You look beyond their story to the one you know they must be, and that is what you hold in your mind as you listen to them. In that way, you teach yourself what you would learn, and you silently teach it to them also.

(v 3 - 5) The Mind with which you Think is that which you are, but this Mind has been covered with the mask of personhood. When you think within the belief in the mask, you believe that which isn't true. When your belief is placed with the false, you experience that which is false, and the false continues to be reiterated. This is like a level of activity occurring at the level of falsehood. It is like a false vibration of somethingness within nothingness. It is Existence experiencing Itself as illusion.

Your purpose is to shift the frequency of your vibration by removing your focus from the mask. This is to place your twinkle in alignment with its Source, which is your truth.

(v 6 - 10) Stay focused on your Heart, and you remain in alignment with your Source. This is to shift your vibration also. As the vibration is shifted, awareness shifts, and that which was strong in awareness becomes weaker. To shift awareness is like changing frequencies, so that which was strong changes. In this way, you shift from a focus on personhood to the love of our truth by quieting the mind and slowing the vibration of the false.

(v 11 - 16) A shift in frequency is a shift in vibration. You are the Mind that Thinks, and a shift in vibration is accompanied by a change in the frequency of thought. To assist in this shift, focus your thoughts. Focus on the frequency that is God.

(v 17 - 19) Stay tuned, then, with God within the mind that is yours. Where you focus, your vibration shall be. Where your vibration is, that shall be your experience.

(v 20, 21) Through a shift in vibration and a change in awareness, the concept of personhood shall be gently laid down. You will not need that which you do not want, when the realization of the Heart is in focus.

Stay focused on the Heart.

Grace is with you, because grace is the love of your Heart. Amen.