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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 1 Timothy
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI 1 Timothy, Chapter 1

(v 1, 2) It is time to release your belief in individual personhood and to accept your Self, in joy, as you truly are.

(v 3 - 7) The personhood of man, which is based on the belief in the world, is meaningless. It is meaningless because the world itself is not real, so all that is based on the world is also not real. This is a very deep thought that you do well to sit back and soak in fully, for within this thought is another symbol that is key to your own salvation. Feel within your Heart as I speak, and you will hear the truth of all I say.

individual personhood is based on a belief in separateness. It is based on the belief that there is a "you" and "I", a "he" and a "she", an "us" and a "them." Every part of the idea of individual personhood is based on the belief in separateness.

Yet I have been teaching that separateness is false and nothing in the world is as it appears to be. Since this is true, the individual person that you think you are must not be your truth. And the persons that you think others are must be illusion, just as your seeming separateness is illusion also.

(v 8 - 11) Individual personhood is like a measuring stick with many points of measurement along its shaft. It allows for differences, and differences within differences, so that it is fully supportive of the judgment that maintains illusion.

(v 12 - 14) The concept of individual personhood is the concept that permits self-judgment. It separates the self from the universe, which allows for comparison, weighting and judgment. In this process, it separates and rejects. Whenever there is judgment, there is rejection. therefore, it is the denial of all that is as it is, and it is the concept that leads to the belief and feeling of loss. Judgment and rejection are the source of all pain, and this pain is caused by your acceptance of yourself as an individual and separate personhood.

(v 15 - 17) Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance:

There are no differences. There is only the illusion of differences, and the illusion is accepted into your own heart by your belief in individual and separate personhood.

Jesus "died" to teach that death does not exist, because existence is all that is. Therefore, Jesus taught the message of existence, which in truth is all that you are.

(v 18 - 20) 1 am teaching you this for only one purpose. The purpose is the only true purpose of the Heart, which is:

Know thy Self

But one cannot know Itself as Itself if it persists in knowing Itself as something different. Therefore, it is time to lay down who you think you are, that you may pick up, once again, the realization and acceptance of That Which you Are.

NTI 1 Timothy, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 7) Pray for your Self. Pray that you may know only truth and that all blinders and distractions may be lifted, so that the pure Light that you are may be all that you see. This Light, which you are, extends beyond your physical sight and encompasses all that you may see, so that all that is is of this Light, and this Light is the only truth to all that is.

(v 8) Rest within the Light of all that is, and accept this Light as your Self.

(v 9,10) Rest within the acceptance that the temporal being you seem to be is not the totality of your Beingness, and so it cannot be the truth of who you are. It is like a fragment or a thought, within a universe of thought, that is yet only one thought within a thought of God's. It is a speck of color on a tapestry of oneness, and so it is a part, but You are the whole.

(v 11 - 15) The story of personhood is the story of imagination within a Mind that is one. Because it is thought, it need not be rejected. All thought may be embraced and loved as one. But the thought that is a speck should not be seen as the whole, for a fragment by itself is nothing. But a speck of color within the tapestry of Everything is a part of the Everything with which it flows.

NTI1 Timothy, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 7) The overseer of all things within the world is the one Eye that sees all things as they are in truth. This one overseer is within you, so that you need not subject yourself to another in order to see. You must only subject yourself unto your Self. Here is what I mean by that:

Realize that the thinking mind, which analyzes and separates and makes judgments and rejects, is a mechanical machine that is not you. It is mechanical, because it is habit. And it is a machine, because it was made. But it is not you, because you are the maker of that which you made.

Step back and look closely at this thought that I share, and you will realize it is wholly true.

Behind the mind that you think is you, behind the analyzing and belief and drama and action, there is one who observes the "you" that is in play. This one can watch the drama and have thoughts about it, even as the drama seems to be in full play. This one, you know, is more at the core of who you are. But if you are the observer, can you also be the one caught up in the drama?