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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of 2 Thessalonians
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Exhumator Esoterics

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NTI 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 1

(v 1,2) Welcome to this moment of learning. I ask you to take it well into your heart and to carry it with you throughout your day. 1 share with you the secrets of your awakening.

(v 3, 4) I love you enduringly. Of this, you may be sure. You can never fall short of My love, because I know who you are, and I praise all that you do. My heart is within your heart. Together, our Heart beats as one. This is the love that fills the world and fills your sight through you, which is also Me.

This is the lesson I have come to teach today and the lesson that I ask you to open your mind fully to accept and learn:

 I am your Heart,
 because I am you.

This Voice that you know as a reverberation of your heart is the Voice of your truth. When I say, "It is I," I also mean, "It is you."

 (v 5 - 10) I have told you that I will teach you to see differently. Now
I will teach you how.
I will teach you to see the world that you see differently,
 by teaching you to see yourself through new eyes.

I have told you that you see the world through the filter of your mind. This filter through which you see is your own judgment and belief about you. As this filter is changed, all that you see is changed, because the lens through which you see is made new.

 The secret to awakening is to awaken to You.
 It is to accept the blaze within as you.

This is what you want to do, and this is what you must do in order to see as I see. So this is what I have come to help you do, and we will focus on doing this now.

(v 11,12) Look now at the unworthiness in your mind, which tells you that you do not deserve the gift I have come to give. Look at this belief, and feel the pain it has plunged deep into your heart. We are going to pluck this pain right out of your awareness. So look at it, that you may pluck it cleanly without missing.

NTI 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 4) Look now, deep within your mind and heart. We are looking for a false god that you have erected before your truth. This is a false image made of yourself through your own judgment that you could be that which is other than That Which you Are. We must raise this false being up from its hiding place, because it is from within hiding that it rules. Brought into the light of day, it cannot rule longer, because its falseness must be revealed.

(v 5 -12) Sit quietly with your faith placed by your motive. Remember why you do this thing that you do. You are ready to look directly at your judgment of yourself, because you know it is not true, and because it is an obstacle to all that you do know.

(v 13 - 15) Be willing to rest in the confidence of your faith as you call the demon within to meet your gaze. You can smile in confidence at your own invitation, knowing that as you stand firm in the knowledge of who you are, that which you shall see cannot shake you, for it is nothing more than your own judgment of yourself. Made solely by you, it is a judgment that can be completely taken away through your own delight and decision to do so.

(v 16,17)

Rest in the knowledge of Love,
 which is your true Self and the strength of truth.
 Rest in the knowledge of Love,
which is the universe and is God.
 Rest in the knowledge of Love,
 which is everything that is real.
 Ask that which is not real to come from its place in hiding.

NTI 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 5) The prayer in your Heart will guide you. You need not pray. You need only listen. Remember that you are the vessel through which God's Love pours into the world. Be willing to put aside the last remaining obstacle that blocks the conduit of Love that you are. This is a time of freedom for you and all the world. Take this step in joy, for it is the step of freedom.

(v 6 - 10) Look well within yourself now and see the hollow darkness that is nothing. You may feel it in your heart. It may seem to cause you pain. You may notice it in your throat and mouth. It may seem to taste of putrid yuck. It may agitate your mind or your body. Sit peacefully by and notice it. It is like a wind whirling inside of you, but in actuality it is nothingness. It is idleness, for it keeps you focused on nothing as if it is something. It keeps you thinking you are doing, when in reality you are doing nothing at all.

You need this idleness that distracts no longer. Look at it. See that it isn't useful, as it serves no purpose in God. This is the king of all illusions. To this king, you may say goodbye.

(v 11 - 13) Your busy mind is the idleness I speak of. Do not ask your mind to lead you in what I ask you to do. Ask your mind to rest, that you may be led by your Heart.

(v 14, 15) Your thoughts may seem to trick you as many of them support the busy idleness of the mind. Therefore, manage your thoughts in this way:

As a thought comes up in your attempts to rest, look at it gently with no attachment to what it says. Ask only this question, "Have you come to me from the Heart? " You will feel the answer immediately. Do not doubt what you feel. It is the Heart that answers this question in judgment.

When the answer is no, ask the thought to pass by in peace. Feel no resistance to that which you've asked to fade away.

When the Heart answers yes, relax into listening. Relax fully, as you need not question this thought anymore. Let your questioning turn to trust. Let listening be the practice of the quiet mind. You are listening to your true Voice, and it is teaching you who you truly are.

(v 16) Peace is always within you, as I am in you and I am you. Rest within the gentle knowledge of this as you follow the restful work of ridding yourself of the false. What you see cannot disturb your peace, because your peace cannot be disturbed. So look within, remembering what it is that you do. You have my blessings, as I am joined with you.

(v 17) I leave you now to do the silent work that I have asked. But I do not really leave you, as I am the one within that does this work in confidence.

(v 18) Grace be in your mind as well as your Heart. Amen.